How to make the projector with their hands at home?

Viewing video and pictures on a home projector - this is a very exciting and interesting event.After all, you always have the opportunity to invite friends and watch together a feature film on the big screen.Moreover, with the development of technology in the stores began to appear new digital projectors.However, the cost for them is not available for everyone.But there is a way out of this situation?It turns out there is.How to make the projector with your hands, read our article today.

How to make the device out of the ordinary shoe box?Preparation of materials

for this device, you will need a large magnifying glass and box.The first element (lens) will be used as a lens for our projector.This unit can play back and display photos and videos, even from a mobile phone.This distortion of the data and the sound will be minimal.


So, how to make the projector with their hands from a shoe box?First you need to paint the inside of the vessel wall in black color.If the hand was not just the c

olor, you can paste over the box with black paper.With this move, you will significantly improve the quality of the video being played.

How to make the projector with their hands on?The next step on one of the top of the box cut a small hole to install a magnifying glass.The latter is fixed by means of adhesive tape or electrical tape.However, there need to be very careful - around the lens should not be lighted, otherwise the projector for home, with his own hands made, will not show the image quality.

Inside the box is placed phone.The screen of the gadget must be directed "face" to the lens.To cell phone accidentally shifted towards better use a special stand or holder (such as a car on suckers).Thus, we have made with their own hands the projector from the phone and the cardboard box from under the shoe.

How will playback?

It's very simple - the image of a mobile phone is projected through a magnifying glass on the wall.You will be able to increase the screen tens of times, while maintaining true quality images.

Finally, we note some nuances to install mobile phone.From the lessons of physics we know that the image passes through a magnifying glass, it turns upside down.In this connection, a phone box must be turned 180 degrees.And to adjust the picture clarity is enough to move the screen mobile phone the back wall of the box, thereby adjusting the desired focus.

Making the projector with their hands out of the box - a method №2

Similarly to the first case here, we need to do a small hole.To make it in the center of the box diameter were a few centimeters smaller than the magnifying lens, you need to advance raschertit its mounting location.For this externally applied lens container and along it by means of the marker or rectangle drawn soft pencil.Inside, the resulting image is drawn another figure, but here you need to retreat a couple of centimeters inside.By the way, you can draw a rectangle on the contours of a credit card.The lens is securely attached to the front panel of the box.Here we must take into account that part of the fluted magnifying lens should be placed inside the front part of the vessel.After fixing the magnifier box folded and closed.The appearance of the projector hardly anyone will like it, and after the final assembly it is recommended to paint the dark paint from a container.

As fixed source image in the box?

If the data source you are using a tablet, then you just mount it to prepare several thick books or stable box having a size equal to the dimensions of the gadget.In order to secure the unit upside down (for the correct display of information), are additionally used thin gum.If the source image was selected laptop, in this case, no thick books or the box does not help to keep it that way.Therefore, to secure such a computer in the rear wall of the box cut another hole.Its dimensions shall be the length and width of the display of the notebook.Then the computer is turned 180 degrees and put up on the keyboard box cover.It is best to have the projector is not cardboard, and even plywood.

And finally, a few words about the brightness.We set it to the maximum, so that the image displayed clearly and accurately.So, we figured out how to make the projector with their hands and how to push the image in the box springs.