Children's corner in a studio apartment

Many young families are now forced to live in apartments where only one room.And if the young couples that moment does not deliver inconveniences, with the advent of the child's question on a separate space becomes more relevant.In the case where the acquisition of another property is not financially feasible option for a young family, a way out will be the organization of the site as a children's corner in a studio apartment.

Thus, the cost of drawing up their own homes will be significantly lower than for the purchase of a new one.Accordingly, it is possible to proceed with the organization of personal space for the child in the territory of the dwelling, which is available.In the first place, determined to create a children's corner in a studio apartment, it makes sense to separate the part of area housing, which is assumed for this purpose.To do this, you can hang on the section drawings of children of their own, or to re-stick wallpaper by cheerful children's themes.In addition, it is important t

o take into account the many nuances, making out a children's corner in a one-room apartment: a photo with a child, execute this area will be very useful and will help to create an atmosphere of comfort in a makeshift nursery.You can also visually separate section in an apartment designed for a kid, hanging curtain bright colors and cheerful bed mat in a makeshift "child."

As for furniture, for the child is better to buy whole complex, which will include a bed, a table and a few lockers baby.Children's corner in a studio apartment to be compact enough to not embarrass all residents.So your choice is better to stop or on a camp bed, which during the day can be removed at the wall or the built-in version, under which will be located a few lockers.They should be roomy enough to go it was possible not only to remove the bedding, but to lay down some baby stuff.Very handy when desk and bed are interconnected racks, which can also accommodate children's toys and books.In addition, by placing such a construction in the apartment, you should pay attention to the fact that it should not interfere with the passage of the room, creating the visual effect of clutter.

Children in a studio apartment not only simple in arrangement, and can be a great place for learning, and for the rest of the baby.Both domestic and foreign manufacturers of furniture greatly simplify the task for parents.Today, you can find lots of different options for children of full sets, which combine function and bedroom, and office and store things.Moreover, they are all designed by qualified personnel, so use every centimeter of the occupied space to maximum advantage.Thus, creating a children's corner in a studio apartment, it is just to choose a suitable furniture set.And design their own "room" they enjoy themselves and come up to help parents realize it.