Choose a picture in the kitchen

deciding to slightly change the interior of the kitchen, many people come to the conclusion that this perfect picture.And rightly so, they will change the kitchen without much effort and expense.So where do you start?

Select those pictures to the kitchen, which, in your opinion, is better able to emphasize the style and perfectly fit into the atmosphere of this beloved place.It would be great if they would be about the same size and decor frames.And now you can look to how to place them on the walls.To modular painting kitchen looked organically, you can cut around each of them on a sheet of paper and is already trying to place these models so as to represent the final result.

In addition, it is worth remembering that the picture for the kitchen interior, photo panels should help maintain an atmosphere of comfort and warmth of home, which is so inherent in this wonderful place.Each picture must be not only beautiful and unusual, but also to cheer up, to give warmth and stimulate the appetite.Home

each picture in the kitchen, of course, - the plot, but also frame plays an important role.For example, if the image is small, then the frame is to choose a thin, elegant.But for the big picture and framing should be appropriate: a wide, elegant frame, or a baguette.

If you can not stop the election at any particular frame, do it yourself.After all, every kitchen is unique, and only you can find the right design for her and emphasize its uniqueness and comfort.So, rustic picture frame for the kitchen can be made of twigs, coffee beans and cinnamon sticks.Agree, an unusual solution.

Harmony painting and interior

But it is worth remembering and what is no less important for the paintings and the harmony that it brings into the room its own story.Because a picture to the kitchen presented subjects such as fruit baskets, fresh pastries, or a table with hunting trophies.

Today, many decorate your home in accordance with the teachings of eastern Feng Shui.This abundance of themes in conjunction with the red can bring into the house of wealth and prosperity.

If you want to make the kitchen a little more comfortable, then pick up the story with pictures of flowers.

scenery lovers can rejoice: the kitchen is the place they only choose those paintings that depict nature, sunlit.

for almost any interior style, you can choose a picture, you need only ensure that it is fully consistent with it and did not look like something tasteless.Mixing styles is still left to the professionals.

Selection Rules

paintings in the kitchen must be juicy and bright to lift the mood and increase the appetite.But at the same time they should not be too much - it's not the Hermitage.

For kitchen is better to choose the paintings under glass.After evaporation can damage their surface and take care of masterpieces worth.

And most importantly, do not post pictures on every wall - is not only evidence of the lack of taste of the owner, but also a violation of the general composition of the kitchen and its harmony.