Holiday interior - afford any

cottage in our time is called not only the land intended for the cultivation of different kinds of vegetables, but also the house where you can relax from everyday worries and the closeness of the city.It is important that this refuge, this island of nature, designed to give the owner of the joy of inspiration was cozy.For this reason, the interior of holiday is becoming increasingly popular among the owners of garden plots.

in Russia has acquired notoriety as a tradition to use the situation for a country house furniture and accessories, which is no more room in the "main" home of man, that is, in his city apartment.Were brought to the country (and to this day are brought) served their wardrobes, tables and chairs are worn, shabby sofas and other strong, nice, but kind of lost its former furniture.Of course, such a thing as a holiday interior for an environment completely inapplicable and of any style in this case and can not speak.Very often, these cottages are gradually turning into very real accum

ulation of rubbish that the city "Elijah" taken out of the apartments and carefully fold in the cottages "until better times", hoping that he would ever be able to come in handy.Such times, of course, never come and, in the end, the piles of trash in the trash migrate.

Unfortunately, this way of "dressing" of a country house is still very popular in our country.Really thoughtful, stylish cottage interior is still a rarity in Russia.Many believe that the word "interior" involves enormous costs - an invitation designer, develop a plan, purchase of materials, works, etc.In fact, the cottage interiors are quite capable of every person has at least a small fraction of imagination.Better to start with the selection of style, which will subsequently be made out the whole house.When the design of self to stay in a traditional style, which is popular and in demand at all times.For these purposes fit good classical furniture, portraits on the walls and the tablecloth on the table as a decoration.Other decorative elements that may be required in this case - fresh flowers in pots, tea sets, lace napkins, vases, pillows - in short, everything that would draw a fantasy.For

bedroom is better to choose the classic style with a bit of romanticism.Since this room is often used for sleep and rest, it should draw up in pastel colors (ideal: coffee with milk, peach, warm pink or white).It is very important to choose the right lighting - in addition to the main light source, you can hang on the wall a couple of lamps or sconces install a night light.

next important stage - Cottage kitchen.The interior, like the whole situation should be concise - a few cupboards, a table, chairs and home appliances.Dining furniture is better to buy a wicker - She's great fit into the interior villa kitchen.Decorate the room can be amusing painted pottery or even a real samovar.

choosing suburban interiors (photo), it is important to focus on their own feelings and do not forget about the appearance of the house according to the atmosphere that prevails in it.For example, the oriental style is out of place in a typical Russian hut chopped, but the style of the classic suit almost any type of building.