The paintings in the interior: it is better to choose?

People from time immemorial in the House seeking to bring comfort, harmony and beauty.The ancient Greeks decorated their home with bright rugs and paintings.Then they were replaced by lush fabrics and tapestries, in the 17th century there were paintings on the walls, which are incredibly expensive cost.Today decorate your home much easier, because the disposal of each designer has a wide selection of photographs and reproductions.

To find a decent canvas difficult because it must comply with the room according to different criteria: the style, colors, size of the room.Given that high-quality art is not cheap, the search options are often delayed.If you prefer pictures of the interior in a classical style, is to walk through the exhibitions, museums, see the various art galleries.And even if it can not find its own unique pattern, you will be aware of what genre, technique and the direction you like best.

best paintings in the interior

decorated rooms can be applications, posters, embroidery, t

apestries, photographs, are dressed in expensive beautiful frames.It is necessary that the painting in the interior shows the taste of the owner, gave the room originality and sophistication.This is not to make it too much, often lack a single work.

Also consider genre works: for example, never goes out of fashion interior with paintings which depict the landscape.This is despite the fact that they are not easy to visual perception.

look interesting abstractions, still lifes.The impression depends largely on the walls of the room: painting looks very favorably on a neutral, light background.If your room is dominated by all sorts of cool colors, they can be diluted with warm and vibrant palette.

also look at the frame: the interior paintings, photos of which are presented in this article clearly demonstrate their importance.For a few pictures, choose a combination of rectangular, oval and square frames - with each other, they will look harmonious.

paintings in the interior: the choice of fabric

Each piece has its own energy, which the artist put into it when you create.An example is a seascape paintings, in which the central story - is the element of water.Sailboat, leisurely floating on the waves, fills the room lightness and freshness, is peace.This is a great choice for a living, there will also be good to see waterfalls, river, or lake views.When making

bedrooms should take into account that it is an intimate area in which a person is resting and gaining strength, so the paint must also be kept and peaceful.It does not need to bring too many bright accents that will divert attention, making it difficult to rest.The ease and romance of the product will give a picture of the sky, clouds, loving couple.For Art Deco suit black and white pictures, and fans of glamor is necessary to pay close attention to the colorful stickers or bright floral compositions.

can decorate not only the paintings of the living room or bedroom, and kitchen.This approach beautiful still life with fruit and a bouquet of flowers, which will give the kitchen a scenic, special character, and filled it with colors.

repelled from the overall color scheme premises: if you want to sustain your decor in soothing pastel colors, the picture can be it color accent.The main thing - do not oversaturate the room too bright colors, it all should be harmonious.