Landscape garden design with their own hands

Many owners of a country house or garden is believed that the design of the court with his own hands - it is difficult and almost impossible.Of course, it is possible to see a specialist who will make for a considerable amount of your site a real masterpiece, but many people can not afford this.

yard Landscaping: where to start?

Design section begins with the project.Once you have decided on the basic elements that will be located there, it's time to take measurements and create a sketch on paper.

Then do a drawing, placed there the future decoration area.Particularly complex landscape elements (water, cascade, alpine slides), it is desirable to draw on paper first, so that in the manufacturing process was what followed.

yard Landscaping: create tracks

You alone can decide on the location of the tracks that make the easiest, instead of already trodden paths.They vary in coverage and type of foundation.It is advisable to use natural materials such as sandstone, gravel, slate and stone blocks

.They look very natural, and thus the cost is higher.

When laying paving stones or paving slabs created first sand-gravel cushion.Initially, you need to create the layout.Throughout the future paths excavated soil.Along the edges are recesses for borders.To borders themselves tiles perch, a special rubber mallet.

yard Landscaping: Established lawns

plot house can not be imagined without a well-kept lawn, because it is his main attribute.Especially for this approach turf after mowing the lawn mower he would look no worse than a coating that planted elite seeds.Planning to design a private courtyard with his hands, it is worth remembering that the lawn does not need to break into flower beds because it would complicate his haircut.

separate issue is to plant a variety of evergreens.In many regions, arborvitae and cypress do not take root, grow slowly and often get sick.It is better to choose plants that are suited to your climate.Himself a good account of boxwood and juniper scrub.

yard Landscaping: alpine garden or flower bed?

to place flower beds need to determine in advance.It is better to issue the border with a decorative low fence or tiled, stone or brick.

basis for the rock garden are stones, located in the free, chaotic manner.They are artfully combined with bright alpine flowers.Take very seriously the selection of plants, in addition, consider the location of the site when planning the design of the yard of a private house.Photos of households lead each person into raptures.When selecting plants, remember that well sunlit space suit some flowers, but for the shady areas - are quite different.

Flowers size distribution, then them sit at a distance of 30 cm to each other, they are not collected moisture.Gorka are planted mostly from the top down, while heat-loving flowers are on top.