What style of design the interior of a country house

Create beautiful, but at the same time practical interior a country house - not quite a simple activity that requires full concentration on the details.But it does not need to be an expert designer, you just give it a little time occupation and have the desire to transform the interior of a country house into something original and unusual.After all, if the room a cozy and pleasant environment - soon it will be the most popular place to socialize with friends or family holidays.

Design country house can be developed independently, calling upon all the imagination and sense of style.Any suburban building consists of several rooms or one large, divided into functional areas: living room, children's room, kitchen, bedroom.And to begin to create the perfect interior of a country house (photo ideas can be gleaned from the many specialized publications) should be based on the definition of the functional areas.Registration of country cottages involves the use of high-quality natural materials, which are n

ot only distinguished by their practicality, but also contribute to creating a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

most popular among truckers is the interior of a country house in the style of "country".This trend involves the use of simple materials: wood elements, stone tiles, simple and comfortable furniture (most often woven), an abundance of textile accessories - it is better if they are made personally.This style is the epitome of the rural way of life in its best traditions.

has recently become very fashionable to make out the interior as a country house in the ethnic style.This area is characterized as symbiosis of environmentally friendly materials and simplicity.Furniture processing facilities in this style different concise and clear straight lines.This can be a simple wooden table and a few chairs, a wicker chair or a small soft sofa from natural materials.

no less elegant looks interior a country house style "safari".This design requires compliance with certain colors, namely the variety of shades of beige, green, brown and so on. Ethnic elements: statues, masks, carpets with leopard spots, natural or artificial fur as a floor covering - all this will help turn a boring country house nowHunter's den.

If your house boasts spacious rooms, it's time to arrange them in an elegant French style.It looks very elegant, and create a similar interior of a country house not make much effort.It will look great massive furniture made of solid wood, wrought iron decorations and accessories, noble velvet upholstery, paintings in gilded frames and elegant floor vases.Another feature of the style of "Provence" - an abundance of lace and embroidered items.

So, without making a lot of effort, but only following the basic laws of a particular style, you can quickly and easily design the interior of a country house.For this, you only need your imagination, desire and help family members.