Ideas for small kitchens: rational use of space

most "happy" owners of small apartments tormented by the question: "What to do to a small area has become the most functional and comfortable?"This is especially true of kitchen facilities, which traditionally have a more than modest size.Where to place the furniture, how to decorate the walls of the room, which plan to choose?Come to the aid of a variety of design ideas for small kitchens, using which you can achieve a significant increase in usable floor space.Observing simple rules for the organization of space, you can get a result that fully satisfy all the wishes of the owner.

to the interior for a small kitchen was rational in its arrangement should be considered only three simple points: ergonomic placement of household appliances, the maximum coverage and competent organization of storage sites.

ideas for small kitchens.Option One

small room allows "U" -shaped layout space.For some reason the majority of the inhabitants is confident that this arrangement is only suitable for spacious

kitchens, although a large part of the designers successfully proves the opposite.If you install in a small kitchen countertop with the letter "P", it's great cope with the role not only of the working surface, and a dining table.Above the table top can be mounted several wall cabinets for storage of utensils.In this case, all you need at any time will be at your fingertips.

ideas for small kitchens.Option Two

If your kitchen is very small, a great way of organizing space becomes a bar.Set it against the wall and takes up very little space.Often, such an option used in the design studios where the rack is also a separator for a dining area and recreation area.Better to choose the chairs, decorated with leather, in this case, your room will become even more charm and elegance.And if you place the lamps over the bar, it will give the room lightness and ease, and in addition also visually lift the ceiling.

ideas for small kitchens.Option Three

visually enlarge a small space can be and with the help of color.If you think that can only expand the room warm shades of beige - you are deeply mistaken.Saturated shades do not only increase the space, but also look at the small kitchen is very fresh and impressive.Very good looks are a combination of red and white and celadon great help to cope with depression during the cold autumn and winter.

ideas for small apartments.Option fourth

is known - an abundance of furniture creates a sense of enclosure.Therefore, when you make small kitchen is better to stay on the active use of every centimeter of floor space.For example, lockers details can be arranged at the base of the bar, if you have a niche in the kitchen - where you can build a great dish racks.If you are going to place in the kitchen of upholstered furniture - you need to foresee in it storage space for small things and rarely used items.It looks great in a small room roof rails - vertical or horizontal bar, on which hung all kinds of accessories.Rows of shelves can be arranged directly on the perimeter of the working table top.Here you can store utensils, containers with spices, souvenirs or decorative trinkets.

Using these ideas for small kitchens, you can even from the very tiny room to create a cozy nook for a family vacation or a pleasant time with friends.