English style in the interior always looks elegant

To apartment looked gorgeous and beautiful, you must correctly select all the interior details and design for the rooms.It is extremely important not to miss a small detail and make sure that everything was right.

If you've just arrived in a new apartment and going to equip it, prepare a new design and can not determine the choice, it's probably the best you will approach the English style in the interior.At the moment, this style is popular because it is very beautiful and attractive.

general English style in the interior is a merger of two eras: the Gregorian and Victorian.This interior carries the majesty, restraint, proportion and symmetry.

In those days, the walls were painted in solid color, added a plinth, panels, borders.Also, in this era of borrowed items from the cultures of India, Japan, China.

Still very beautiful English style in the interior, whose photos can be found in catalogs and references for decoration.

When creating an English-style room is necessary to consider the purpose

and the functions it will perform.


Interior cabinet must comply with the activities and work of the owner.Mainly in the color scheme is dominated by wood and green tones.


There shall be abundance of wood, wooden accessories threaded moldings, inserts.Also it looks good in the living room leather, textiles, glass and crystal jewelry for decoration.All materials should be of high quality.Walls paste over self-colored wallpaper, but with the addition of accessories and ornaments.The colors come from bright yellow, red, cream with the effect of antiquity.Almost all the furniture should be wide, large and heavy.Curtain is better to choose fat, heavy, suitable in color to the finish.It is also appropriate to look a fireplace, a bookcase of books for the library collection.


huge bed with high headboard wrought.Pastel gentle tone, and the bed have to be a bedside table with a variety of lamps.A large amount of free space - this is characterized by English style in the interior of the bedroom.


Have lunch place, a place for cooking.Tone is also quiet, simple and monotonous.Furniture color of the walls.It seems very simple, but it looks beautiful.


mandatory use of antique furniture, which can be easily found at a flea market or wear out on their own with the help of special tools.The bathroom should conduct cumbersome glass door.The presence of mirrors in a gold frame, a huge and heavy tub.It's all perfectly emphasize restraint and chic.

English style in the interior looks great and gives the luxury home.This is the easiest way to finish the house and creating comfort and beauty.Modern English style interior is widespread in Russia, it is popular in the homes of young people and the older generation.