Vintage style in modern interior

No wonder they say that everything is new - it is well forgotten old.This vintage style in the interior will help you check this proverb in practice and harmoniously combine modern convenience and comfort with elegance and nostalgic emotions of the past.

The term vintage interior is denoted by a combination of subjects related to the present and the past.A vintage items are considered to be the beginning of the twentieth century.

Decoration of premises should include natural materials.Ceiling, for example, should only be natural.In no case can not be used or plasterboard ceilings.On the joints are very suitable moldings.And on the floor would be best to look flooring.Various irregularities, roughness, cracks and potholes will only amplify the desired effect of antiquity.

particularly important point is the symmetry.This also applies to finishing, and decoration and layout.The furniture should be placed on a system.Well, if this symmetry is complemented by decorative elements, not less symmetricall

y distributed in the room.

Speaking of furniture and decor items, you can add that site to be something that you have not use: the old trunks and chests of drawers, mirrors, tables and chairs, dishes, clocks, vases, family sets, boxes, etc.Look in the attic, in the mezzanine, look in the basement - it is possible that there is something suitable for vintage style in the interior.

As for finishing, should be said of a vintage wallpaper.Style in the interior, emphasizing the old days, can be supplemented with patterned or colored wallpaper.Patterned wallpaper is preferred to select large contrasting patterns, images of butterflies and flowers or classic low-key pastel patterns and natural tones.Monochrome wallpaper often choose white.

general vintage style interior is characterized by one central color, around which is built the rest of the colors.Vintage considered white, beige, lilac, pale pink, etc.colors.In general, any light and subtle shades.

considered an integral part of our identity are the numerous accessories.After all, any thing with the past carries information and the echo of a bygone era.Something you can look at and in the bins.And if you did not find anything, but very necessary, can look to the markets where they sell all sorts of things - old records, books, pictures, statues, the same boxes, which we discussed above.Approach can anything.The main thing - a shade of antiquity.

a very important accessory, which must always accompany the vintage style in the interior, are the flowers.Here the imagination should not have restrictions: fresh flowers of a certain season or dried flowers, single flowers or bouquets.You can use artificial flowers.They are also very suitable.

would be great if you skillfully place flowers in pots or vases and berries to add to them or the butterflies.This flower arrangement might look a little sloppy, but still needs to be in style.

Despite all of the above, vintage style interior has a very important feature - it does not have any rules, scope and limitations.

vintage style - a harmonious blend of attributes inherent in different time periods, is the ability to combine modernity and the past.And most importantly, this style - an expression of your personality!