Blackout curtains excellent design solution


process rushes forward by leaps and bounds both in industry and in household conditions.The latest technology is tightly embedded in a person's life at home improvement.Given the rapid pace of the present trend towards convenience, comfort and privacy is understandable and implemented not only by means of electronic home appliances, but also tissue clearance.A special place is occupied by the popularity of modern, unique blackout curtains, surprising and fascinating our eyes with its elegance and extraordinary versatility.

method of manufacture of curtains

method of manufacture of this amazing fabric is double-compressed synthetic fibers interwoven connection.As a result, blackout curtains are opaque and have refractory properties.Previously, this painting was used directly in cinemas and hotels, it guarantees a 100% absorption of light and perfectly isolated sound.Processing of the fabric carried out several layers of acrylic foam.Now the technology of manufacturing has changed dramatical

ly, and replaced by a double satin weave with special black fibers inside.

How to distinguish a real blackout

Unfortunately, blackout curtains are not cheap, so the markets can stumble upon a cheap knockoff goods.How could still distinguish the fakes from the real quality?It is clear that to cut the cloth to see it cut, you will not be allowed, therefore, move towards multiple threads that are on the edge - quality black fabric contains within fibril, visible in any light.The outer part of the curtains has a pattern similar to suede, and the interior is very shiny and looks as beautiful as the front side.

Where applicable curtains

blackout curtains can be seen in the different rooms.They are almost impossible to distinguish from other curtains - they are also very easy to drape and soft cascade down deep wave down.If the regular version of the web - is a light-gray scale, the modern form of new curtains characterized by its strong personality and ingenious interweaving pattern of different shades.They are distinguished by an incredible resistance to dirt and fading from sunlight.Also, they do not sit down after washing.And one of their distinguishing feature - the decorated place of safety.

Blinds blackout

Universal blackout blinds are perfectly harmonize with any window opening.Equipping them with a rod attached to the weighting convenience and provides full comfort.A side guides eliminate the smallest gaps.Minimized such curtains against the window does not catch the eye, which makes them suitable for self drapes of the window opening.Despite the three-layer, they are very thin and light, unlike heavy curtains, curtains requiring major fastening.

Design solutions

blackout fabric for curtains - a designer finding that practically has no restrictions.From her beautiful sewed curtains of different styles and configurations, such as Roman shades, roller blinds, pleating.Everywhere this stuff looks modern.Combined with them shine tulle shades of celestial blueness and airiness.Today, the stores have a huge selection of this wonderful fabric.You can find any suitable pattern, color and shade required for the registration of your windows.Truly magical fabric, easy to care for and practical in its application, will be a real decoration of your home.