Charming Shabby chic interior

charm of old things defies logic.Is someone able to tell why so tenderly attached to the shabby old grandmother's chest of drawers or with peeling gilt frame.Subjects with a history of similar beings who keep some secrets.If you can not resist their beauty, then you will like the fashionable style Shabby chic.The interior focuses on vintage (antique or artificially aged) things.

Although this design direction is a fairly young - the starting point is 90 years old but many 20th century-style elements borrowed from the British.Last known for his manic adherence to traditions, they can infinitely restore inherited from ancestors chairs, cabinets, shelves, boxes.Their homes will find faded photos great-grandparents, shabby fan or a graceful carved mirror frame.Generate individual parts into a whole for decorative turned Rachel Asheville.With her light hand Shabby chic interior has gained popularity far outside of London.What began as a personal passion for antique furniture, it has grown into the industry

.Now Rachel owns stores in California, New York.She has released several books on design.

you already like romantic and incredibly cute Shabby chic?Photos of rooms, furnished like a cozy house of an elderly English lady, do not give you peace of mind?Well, it's time to move from words to deeds.First of all, we need the old furniture.No matter what style, and it will be the year of manufacture, the main thing - it is visible signs of time.Antiques too expensive?Give a vintage look quite new things.For this invented many ways: painting, decoupage, mramorirovanie and more.

restoring bought at a flea market furniture, do not overdo it.Visible defects - is the hallmark of style Shabby chic.The interior is appreciated some attrition, that's why the name of this area translates to English in this way.

The decor is dominated by the white color, which is sometimes diluted by the most delicate shades of pink, ecru and cream.But this does not mean that your home will look pale and dull.Shabby chic interior involves the use of various accessories.Preference is given to floral motifs.Roses bloom on the wallpaper, bedspreads, dried bouquets adorn vases in porcelain.To obtain useful rooms crocheted napkins, embroidered pillows will look harmonious on the sofas.Pictures in wooden frames, pictures on the furniture, chandeliers with crystal pendants - these details enliven the house.For walls

purchased wallpaper with romantic pattern (all the same flowers and birds).I do not like the wallpaper?Try to paint the surface, giving them the texture of rough, a little peeling walls.Forgotten by many natural wood flooring laid on the floor.Shabby chic interior eliminates the use of synthetics.Only real natural materials.Your home should breathe and live, then lovingly assembled it things become true custodians of family memories.