Beautiful room.

House - is the place where one comes to relax after a day's work.This is the place where he lives, feels safe and maximum comfort.Naturally, each equip your home to fit your needs, desires and tastes.And the man said, his room - the best.But, one good, the other not.So what are they, really beautiful room?Is there any record of this "beautiful"?

turns out there!It is common, but the immutable truth.Firstly, all the objects of interior should be designed in the same style.As far as is possible, of course.Very bad looks ridiculous mixture of styles.For example, it does not fit the style of hi-tech and classic in the same room.Let it be then zoning, and each style will be a place.But perhaps that without redevelopment would be difficult to manage.Secondly, these beautiful rooms are kind of meaning.Let's say, living in many apartments is also a bedroom.It will be correct to emphasize as much as possible what the room is in the first place.That is, to minimize component sleeping, for example.Anyone aware

of the fact that you are sleeping in the living room, not necessarily.How and where do you store your things, and what.It is necessary to think over all, every moment, every detail before you begin decorating the house.Beautiful room to hide from prying eyes is that the owners do not want to flaunt.

Third, pay attention to detail.Even if you are an ardent fan of minimalism in the organization of space, nice little things the heart and the eye can not be avoided.It is important that all these decorations were arranged harmoniously.Beautiful living rooms are really beautiful only when their space is not littered.And, of course, every room is an excellent, if clean.Cloquet dust has attracted nobody.

Fourth, proper zoning.The recreation area, sleeping, baby space.The latter is very important.In the house where there are children, preserve the order is difficult, but possible.It is necessary to organize their space as comfortable as possible.Most children's rooms are obtained only when they reflect the taste preferences of the child.If a kid likes football, even simple wallpaper with balls will show it.If the daughter of all colors prefer any one, why not please her to them in the interior.In addition, children should be as large, even at small dimensions of the room.Unnecessary things strict "no," without pity or compromise.

Fifth, lighting.It all depends on what kind of room.The kitchen needs a bright light, but soft bra will not be superfluous for home gatherings with buns.The living room is the same rule, do not always have a need to include the overhead light, and sit completely in the dark is bad for eyesight.Bedrooms could do subdued light (both upper and side, floor).Children's impossible without a lamp (if a small child), no table lamp (for children of any age), good general lighting.

Beautiful rooms are all different, but they share one thing - the appeal for the hosts.When the organization premises put their hearts, it is always a pleasure to be, relax, gain strength.