Holiday interior with their hands out of scrap materials

urban residents sometimes mistakenly believe his dacha place to dump useless things, and instead create a fashionable nowadays cottage interior with their own hands, litter and so a small house that is not necessary, and throw a pity.In fact, do not be so throw countryside rooms surrounded by nature, as a country house can serve you a great place to spend a holiday or weekend.We recommend not to drive to the country all that is not useful to you in a city apartment, and buy an inexpensive set of upholstered furniture for your home or cottage restored old.

Holiday interior with their own hands

Of course, in the creation of comfort in a country house has its own laws that allow us to make your home a pleasant place to relax from the bustle of the city and urban landscapes.Leave in the city of their habits and problems.Make your vacation home a place of comfort, peace and repose of the soul.

Such pacification of the appropriate style interior country: wooden paneling and furniture, ceramic kitchen

ware and chintz curtains.Today we look at how to create a cottage interior with their hands out of scrap materials.You do not have to spend large sums for this event.It will be enough to take what is at hand, and to update the look.

interior with their own hands: the idea

good helper in the creation of a country style house in the country has always been wood and other natural materials.To gain the necessary details, it is enough to take a walk into the forest and collect all the things that you enjoy.It may be a log, driftwood, large and small boulders or stones, twigs, willow twigs.Something of the findings will serve as decoration for the interior, but something - material for furniture.

known that large chopped logs can serve as legs for chairs or benches or stools themselves.Natural stone can be put in place fireplace or stove tiles.But sex is not recommended to lay out a stone, as it will be cold.

Holiday interior with their own hands: details

What color should be present in a country style?It's all shades of alder, brick, hazelnut and beige tones.Curtains recommend doing from lightweight materials with "rustic pattern": polka dots, stripes in small flower.To the situation was not too easy, add bright accents in the form of blankets, capes on the chairs and kitchen utensils.

Doing their own hands interior colorful plaid

To do this you will need the ability to sew or someone who sew for you this wonderful element of the decor.The material for the plaid can serve the old stuff, or tapestries, as well as demi coat.Cut are squares of the same size and sew together so as to form a web of 2 to 1.8 meters.On the other side, where you can see the seams, you can sew a lining, closing underside of your rug.

Depending on how you place squares with different colors, the final result will look like.Now, when your cover is ready, you can use it as a cape on the couch, bed, chair or blanket.

Holiday interior with their own hands, you can create not only the house but also outside.Often the garden is withdrawn little time and effort, but if you apply imagination and ingenuity, you can create a real oasis for a pleasant stay with friends.