Interior - simple forms and harmony, or light and freedom?

Interior apartments says a lot about their hosts.Their character, lifestyle, preference and taste are shown in detail crafted design.Luxury apartments prefer public people, and extreme design to taste extraordinary personality.Classic respect people who like constancy and stability, and modern - interior of a modern young people.

Minimalism in interior common in people who are prone to freedom and lightness. Simple shapes and harmony are fundamental criteria for this type of design.A lot of nonsense in the interior, which do not bring little or no benefit, and sometimes, it is not functional, occupy a large percentage of usable space.If the room is small, it is, at times, the struggle is for every centimeter.In such a case it would be more reasonable to have things that are as functional and small in size.Large areas also sometimes look ridiculous if abounds "unnecessary."

Minimalism in interior is designed not only to save space.Design creates weightlessness and simplicity, which is achieve

d by seasoned shapes and colors.The main background of the interior is bright pastel colors.If the white color prevails, then it can be diluted with more vivid colors, but do not overdo the contrasts.The best option would be a combination of light walls with a colorful furnishings, the brightness can also be added using the accessories that must be present in a minimum amount.

In terms of lightweight construction materials are preferred.Glass, plastic and chrome are traditional in minimalism of them can be made interior doors , windows and cabinets .Chrome legs have tables, chairs and cabinets, plastic and glass tops give the interior a necessary notes - you can buy interior doors made of plastic metal color.Furniture should be simple forms : no patterns monogosloynosti and inaccessible places should not be.With regard to upholstery, we should give preference to the so-called style of Ikea.Uncomplicated interior, clean lines and harmony around will be very helpful in this type of interior.Do not forget about ergonomics.It is important that every detail has been the maximum functional and enabled.

Simple shapes and harmony will give your house the desired comfort and peace.Following all the rules of design, you can easily create minimalist interior .

choosing for themselves the interior, we are based on your preferences, on the request of his family, well, of course, on their financial capabilities.Any design can be done with your hands, creating or order it from a professional designer.In any case, you should observe certain conventions, which are the hallmarks of a particular interior.After all, every interior has its own rules of registration, which are peculiar to his style.For example, in high-tech minimalism and simplicity is present in modernity - the brightness and extravagance, classic style calls for wealth and elegance.

Signs of Japanese interior - light and freedom .Thanks to these two components, Japanese interior is becoming increasingly popular in all layers of the population.Creating a design based on the traditions of the people, should pay special attention to the Japanese way of life.Solar motifs present in the interior, must give room unobtrusively light atmosphere of good mood.This is expressed as in certain paints and in the furniture and accessories.