Create the interior of the living room with his hands

before any of us did not get up the problem of living in a small apartment?As soon subside joy over the purchase of new housing, we find that our "mansion" might be a little more.

If in the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom space is still enough, here's a living ... Do not worry!Just use a few tips designers and interior room will create with their own hands.It is likely that using some of the techniques we can create a completely new room.

When you create the interior of a small room at the same time, we must solve two main tasks:

• correctly place all the necessary furniture;

• visually expand the space of the room.

Moreover, the room should be relatively free, so that it did not feel cramped.

Planning living

Before the creation of the interior, is specialized literature review, relevant sites.Maybe there can be a close peek your tastes interior design living rooms and learn some great ideas for inspiration.Even if you completely trust your taste, you still need to thoroughly think through the

ir own design and create the sketch - drawing on paper or digital.

creating interior room with his hands, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules.

Rule 1. Leave the aisles.The distance between the furniture should not be less than 80 cm. Otherwise, the aisles will be difficult to move around, and the room will look cluttered.

Rule 2. Put in the living room sofa.Sofa for the room is necessary even if it is very tiny.It is better to fit a corner or a small conventional model.On the couch, you can watch TV, receive visitors, and spend the night if necessary.

ideal solution for small rooms where the furniture dirty much more quickly becomes a corner sofa with removable covers.Usually choosing a model from hardwood, such as beech or pine, with a metal folding mechanism.This will give the opportunity to exploit the couch longer and not worry about his condition.

Rule 3. Create accent.The interior design of the living room must be a clear emphasis.This can be either the TV or fireplace, or any other decorative element.The ideal solution for the interior of the room - a plasma TV on the wall.This option helps save space and eliminate the need to place a table or cabinet.

Rule 4. Use zoning.In a small room can not put shelves and screens, to erect partitions, even if you create the interior of the living room with his hands.Zoning should be only visual.You can use:

- a different shade of wallpaper;

- multilevel ceilings;

- different textures of flooring;

- coverage of certain areas, for example, lighting paintings or photographs.

Rule 5. Use color scheme.

planning how to create an interior with their own hands, the photo shown above, tell us how to choose the color of the room to visually enlarge it.This can be a light version of the premises to which it is desirable to add bright accessories: cushions, vases, carpet.

Different combinations of color patches of bright colors give the room a lively and fun atmosphere.Interesting and fresh look will be in the green room, although rich green is better not to use in the interior of a small room.The blue color is created just for the living room.Combining it with coffee, you can give the room a light cottage style, connect with porcelain-pink, to create some romance.

creating interior room with your hands, you can try and experiment.In the end, your small living will envy the owners of luxury chorus.