Curtains and drapes - the role of the interior

Textiles play a very important role in the formation of the interior.All kinds of styles of curtains, different variants of colors help to create a joyful mood in the apartment and a unique symphony of warmth and comfort of home.At the same time the curtains and drapes are designed not only to emphasize a particular style of interior, but also serves as a functional element.Curtains help protect the room from bright sunlight penetration and thick drapery material - from the noises coming from the street.The varied color palette and some decorative elements enable the use of blinds and curtains in a variety of interiors.

Fabrics, the most frequently selected for window decorations: jacquard, silk, satin, organza, velvet, taffeta, linen and cotton.Among the leading synthetic fabrics such as rayon and polyester curtains of which are beautifully draped and easy to care for.

Depending on the style in the design of the room, drapes and curtains can visually expand the space or, conversely, make it more

compact.Still relevant curtains of light aircraft materials length at the floor.Such curtains are often used in interior room.Bedrooms is usually formed with a more dense and heavy curtains.

Curtains and drapes are often classical type of transparent and light fabrics in the middle of dense - on the edges.From above, as a rule, it formed a beautiful pelmet, which gives the composition a finished look.These drapes and blinds are suitable for almost any type of interior.Pelmet may have a hard or soft form, its bottom edge is sometimes decorated with braid or fringe decorative.

Children's rooms require a completely different approach to the design of the curtains, rather than living.The windows are made out in children as they grow older their inhabitants, so too expensive and luxurious design is not required.Drapes and curtains for children can be both bright and have a fairly modest and sleek design.

Kitchen - a place where the whole family.The cozy kitchen is usually meets their hosts elegant and beautiful cloth close to her in the same tone and tack cloth.Requirements for textiles in the kitchen - resistance to frequent washing and aggressive medium kitchen facilities.In its a style kitchen curtains, drapes, whose design can be varied, should be as functional, because they often close and open at airing the room.

design curtains - an art, an important role is played by virtually every detail.Modern hardware includes many different types of holders, hooks, rods and special systems that allow quick and easy to move the drapes and curtains.

Heavy curtains easy enough to pick up decorative ribbons or beautiful wide cords with tassels at the ends.These brushes can stop the movement folds and dilute the monotonous pattern, emphasizing local color.When the design of window openings are often used grommets.Eyelets called large plastic eyelets in various shades.They are set on the edge of the curtains or draperies, and then hang on to round the post.Eyelets can be used is not for each tissue, they are more suitable for dense and heavy curtains.