Wallpaper in the style of Provence - rustic comfort of your home

pleasant warmth of the hearth, the traditional comfort of a family home - all this characterizes the style of Provence, is used in the interior design of country houses, and sometimes normal city apartments.This style reflects the life of the farm south of France, skilfully transferred from past to present.

modern interior design in the style of Provence, made up of several components.

  1. bright, slightly "blurry" color schemes.
  2. entire decor as it was from the past: artificially aged things or real antiques, the effects of peeling, cracked a little paint, wallpaper attrition - all underline the fact that the house was valued family tradition, furnishings are passed from generation to generation.
  3. Walls and ceilings are decorated with wood.In general, preference is given to natural materials and fabrics.
  4. Included forged pieces of furniture and other furnishings.
  5. Wooden thread, monograms, very elegant.
  6. especially decorative look of the kitchen of the house where all the details thought out to the sma
    llest detail.
  7. remaining space filled with tranquility and comfort, used typical wallpaper in the style of Provence, light stucco walls are processed, and the ceiling has exposed wooden beams.
  8. a variety of colors - in vases and painted ceramic pots, combined with porcelain figurines, embroidered with lace napkins.

Features of wallpaper wall covering

  1. choosing wallpaper in the style of Provence, it should be remembered that they have to meet several requirements.
  2. very bright, pastel colors (white, olive, terra cotta, turquoise, aqua).
  3. Figures in small flower, cell, non-contrast stripes or just a plain, white color.
  4. possible to use wallpaper with rustic, farm motifs: the image houses, vineyards, gardens, rustic utensils.
  5. wallpaper imitating badly cracked plaster, masonry, granary and other board in the same spirit.

important that the wallpaper in the style of Provence, especially their texture, fully in line with the general atmosphere of antiquity.It - bumps, scrapes and cracks, all that creates a feeling of lived-in atmosphere and simple rustic coziness.Buying wallpaper in the style of Provence, it is to give preference to tissue models, combined with other textiles: bedspreads, cushion, curtains and bed linens.

Making rustic cuisine of southern France - the scope for the realization of sophisticated taste

Interior features

  1. Simplicity and elegance - the main requirement for the interior of this style.
  2. kitchen utensils are placed on open shelves and are available contemplation.Therefore, each of them carries a separate element of the decor.
  3. kitchen filled with a variety of buffets, shelves, chests, drawers and wicker baskets, as well as showcases and cupboards.
  4. walls with bright colors and wallpaper coatings flowered cell and strip, or an imitation of natural stone and wood.
  5. upholstered furniture upholstered with light.
  6. Many colors, fabric elements: curtains, capes, napkins and towels.
  7. elegant furniture, wooden, sometimes with forged elements or weaving.Advantageously white or beige.

necessary to design a kitchen in the style of Provence meets the main demand - the embodiment of antiquity and comfort of traditional rural life.

Provence style is perfect for the interior of country houses.