Bedroom interior in classic style - no limit to perfection

Tie, but very comfortable and elegant, classic style of the rooms has been and will always relevant.Of course, modern or trendy it can not be called, but more and more people in the design of their homes choose exactly the interior of the apartment in a classic style.He is not subject to time and the vagaries of fashion, it is deservedly considered one of the best ways to a variety of equipment rooms: from the majestic living rooms to elegant rooms for sleep and rest.

How to create an interior of a bedroom in a classic style

first thing you need to remember - "classic" does not tolerate counterfeiting.And this applies primarily to the choice of furniture.It must be made from natural wood.Better if it will be refined and slightly set with massive carved or inlaid, made according to old designs.Color solution of such furniture should not be too bright, are permitted only different shades of natural wood.Bedroom interior in classical style allows for the presence of furniture and white.It looks ver

y elegant and fits in a room with poor lighting or small rooms.The bed should be wide and certainly monotonous.If the ceiling in the room allows, you can build a canopy.For the bed should pick low tables or dressing tables in tone, dense blanket of heavy fabric and a few decorative pillows.

As for the colors of the entire room, the interior of a bedroom in a classic style involves the use of quiet, slightly muted colors.Usually, the colors are chosen in order to create a relaxed atmosphere in the room comfort and peace.For example, modern designers willingly use a combination of white and blue or bright natural colors combined with cherry tones.Very elegant look in a room and emerald-green hues.More than a bold design in a classic style is obtained with a combination of white with gold leaf.This combination not only gives the bedroom a luxurious look, but also helps to visually enlarge the room.However, the most popular among the modern inhabitants won the decoration in cream, sand and coffee tones.

perfect bedroom interior in classical style is not possible without the use of textiles.For the design of the room is better to choose natural fabrics: rayon, cotton, brocade or velvet.It is important that all tissues, though varied in texture, but were kept in the same style.When making the windows is better to stay on the intricate heavy curtains with lambrequins.

lit room in the style of "classic" should not be too bright.As an additional source of light are ideal mnogorozhkovye bronze chandeliers and sconces with shades in the form of candles.Positioning fixtures necessary skill, so that the light is scattered all over the room and fell on the face of the newcomer.

only negative classically decorated apartments - is its high cost.However, the end result is worth it.