The original design studios

design studios should be attention to detail, especially if the area is not too large.Think of how to combine functionality and beauty to your desires and needs.

Studio involves zoning space.To this end, the floor can be used at various levels, all kinds of floor coverings, interesting colors, the use of a variety of finishing materials.

agree that much more pleasant to be in the apartment, a sunny or well-lit and bright.Local lighting gives the room a sense of comfort.With the floor, point, hanging lamps can correctly place the necessary emphasis, to create space and weightlessness in space.

Design and interior studio apartments designed so that as much as possible to emphasize the creative nature of its owner.That is what is its main drawback: this apartment is not intended that there will be a few people live.We must understand that, by choosing a non-standard version of the reconstruction of your home, you will not have the slightest opportunity to retire, because all the action is taking place

in full view of the partner.Therefore, such housing is recommended or very young people or families without children.

Studios - is unusual and novelty, streamlined version of modern home, characterized by an almost complete absence of partitions.

Modern design studio apartment is very diverse, but usually it is maintained in a minimalist style, it has a distinct geometric forms - it creates a feeling of space, visually increases the volume.Sometimes abundance of corners can cause a feeling of stiffness, so the interior is smooth roundness, circles, bright but soft lines that appear in the furniture.

design studios is impossible without the game of color and light, and in this case, the background color is not, and does not serve the chosen style, he creates it as a separate element.Different levels of light can be achieved with point and hidden lights.The room must be marked with a non-standard way functional areas.

Design Studios provides a number of original logical decisions: it can be stained, columns with cross-cutting niches.In short, you need to use all means maximum discharge of visual perception of space, the maximum level.

This method design apartments categorically rejects bulky and dark furniture.In addition, a successful interior design, and studios depends largely on the correct placement of furniture - it makes no sense to set its standard at the perimeter of the room.In this case, you get in the center of the void, which would deprive the room comfort.With furniture can demarcate all prospective zones.

Deposit beautiful interior design and apartment lies in the idea (concept).Most vague and not entirely formed of thought can always be brought to the concise and clear, beautiful and original solutions.Design studios - it is exciting, but not so simple.Therefore, in order that the end result is disappointing, it is recommended to seek assistance from experienced designers.