Wallpapers will change the design of the wall dramatically

has long been known, and perhaps the most demanded finishing material - wallpaper.They create a unique style for each apartment.With their help, you can quickly and dramatically change the look of any room.Construction markets are overflowing with a variety of wallpaper to suit every taste.How to choose among this abundance of beauty and quality at the same time?

design walls, many prefer to change with paper wallpaper.They are smooth and embossed, patterned or without.This wallpaper can be used for dyeing or impregnating the water-repellent solution.Their main advantage is considered environmentally clean.They allow free walls to "breathe."Have a short period - no more than five years.The main drawback is considered to be sensitive to mechanical impact.It is advisable to use paper wallpaper in children's rooms, bedrooms.Do not use them in rooms with high humidity - bathroom, kitchen.The design of the walls will be very effective with the use of embossed paper wallpaper, and those for whom the most im

portant personality certainly fit wallpaper, which are painted by hand and have a protective coating against moisture.Walls covered with paper wallpaper, perfectly combined with a variety of decorative ornaments - paintings, prints, embossing, etc.The design of the walls with photo wallpapers give you many impressions of scenery depicted on them.

Vinyl wallpaper denser they have two layers - paper and fabric, which is coated with polyvinyl.Screen Printer Vinyl wallpaper in its upper layer containing silk threads.They look good in any room.It creates the illusion that the walls are draped with silk cloth.This type of wallpaper has a high resistance to direct sunlight, strength and elasticity.Their disadvantage is airtight.These wallpaper paste is recommended lounges, bathrooms, hallways.

Vinyl wallpaper beautiful and able to mimic virtually any surface: stone, wood, Venetian plaster, and others. The design of walls with vinyl wallpaper guarantee the splendor and elegance of your room.Do not forget about individuality.

Design wall wallpaper liquid includes seamless coverage and hides minor defects of the walls.With their help, you can get a variety of shades to create your own original mural.The advantage of this type of wallpaper - the ability to apply them on concrete and gypsum surface.They are antistatic and environmentally friendly.They are recommended for use in rooms with low humidity.Certain types of liquid wallpaper, which include gold thread, in your living room will create a unique design.The colors of the walls for fans of avant-garde can be combined with a variety of light spots.

Textile wallpapers are made to order, as a single leaf wall closes completely.They have no joints seams, which looks especially good in the rooms, decorated in a minimalist style.Such wallpaper create the illusion that the room is wrapped in luxurious fabrics.

Set wallpaper - individual and difficult process.Do not rush and do not limit your imagination.The main thing - to create a beautiful and stylish atmosphere in the apartment.