Treatment against ticks.

With the onset of summer's favorite pastime become a trip on the nature and transfer to a warm season in country houses or cottages.The greens, sun, fresh air - that's all fine, but at the same time a great danger of tick bites.This means that before you go to the barbecue, fishing, gathering mushrooms or move to a house close to nature, require treatment against ticks.

Trips to nature

Before you go in the country, should be carefully prepared.Rural area is not handled by dangerous insects, so care should be taken for personal safety.Firstly, it is necessary to wear a closed garment, especially on the feet.The head must cover Panama, scarf or other tight headdress.Second, you must use the means of protection against ticks, which stores abound.This may be an aerosol or a pencil.Protivokleschevoy agent is applied to clothes and exposed skin, so as to avoid them getting into your mouth, eyes and nose.

Protect your site

Processing territory against ticks - this is quite a hard task, but doable.

You can not just turn up, etched, and then live in peace.Treatment against ticks its territory - is a set of activities that must be performed to a full sense of confidence in their safety and that of dear people.

First, you need to clean the area of ​​old twigs and dry grass.It is best to collect all with the help of a rake and burn.Also, to prevent further ingress of insects in the area should dig around the perimeter of a small ditch, which sleep medication for delousing.

If the site is cleared, the next step is carried out of his treatment against ticks.Insects can destroy hazardous chemical or mechanical means.The etching is performed by means of special preparations, if it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions and safety precautions.The best time for etching is the period when the snow melted only because mites still sluggish and intensified.After spraying protivokleschevoy agents is not recommended to walk on the site for about 3 days, as under the influence of toxic substances mites become active, which increases the risk of being bitten.

If for some reason is not possible to etch the site and the surrounding area, you can simply collect the mites that are on the site.To do this, take a stick and tie one end of the white canvas.Then walk through the area carrying on the grass blade.All the mites, which were on the rag need to burn.Since machining is performed by ticks.

Even clearing the site from the mites, it is necessary to take care of preventive measures.First you need to restrict access to the area of ​​stray animals.The most common mites come to the site, along with rodents, so you should set traps and poison for them.If you have pets that go beyond the border of the treated area, it is strongly recommended to buy protection against ticks and for them.It can be droplets that drip onto the withers of the animal, or a special collar.If you do not, then the processing of the ticks may be a waste of time and, most importantly, lead to undesirable consequences.