How to deal with Medvedkov,

Medvedka and struggle against it - frequent theme in specialized publications and gardening forums.Owners gardens this pest brings a lot of trouble: it gnaws the underground part of stems and roots of plants, eats roots.Especially dangerous mole cricket for seedlings.Thus, in areas contaminated by this dangerous pest of plants planted in the evening to the morning of the third part may already be lost.

about how to deal with Medvedkov, in the garden, said and written quite a lot.It can wipe by chemical means.To do this often use ready granulated bait "Medvetoks", "Fenaksin plus", "Grizzlies" are introduced into the soil according to the instructions.They have low toxicity and gradually decompose in the ground without damaging crops.These medications are dangerous only for mole crickets and its larvae: eating granules pests are killed within a few hours.However, in the case of the use of these means of protection against mole crickets is guaranteed only for a few weeks.Is it possible to get rid of the

pest in the longer term?

known folk way to deal with Medvedkov, allows you to forget about it for the whole season, is digging at the site in late September, one or more hunting pits depth of about 50 cm - they should pave the film and fill in manure.Adults will slide into the pits for the winter.With the onset of cold manure should be scattered on the site, and mole crickets die.Of course, spring pests can move from other sites, but their number is much smaller.

following advice about how to deal with Medvedkov, is: you can fill in the Point moves soapy water (a bucket of water should take 50 g of any washing powder, 10 grams of soap), about a liter or two in each of them.Pest die right in the hole or in a minute or two will come out to the surface.An effective mixture of water and kerosene (10 liters of water - 100 ml).Many gardeners in answering the question of how to deal with Medvedkov, give advice to use a home-made traps.Thus, the mole cricket loves the smell of beer, raw potatoes, vegetable oil.Jar or bottle with a small amount of bait digged in row just below ground level.In the morning they found inspect and destroy pests.

following tips on how to deal with Medvedkov, is this: you can fence your land or on the perimeter of the greenhouse sheets of slate or dig grooves, filling them with gravel (sand).However, this method can only help in the fight against the larvae of mole crickets as adults easily flight across the fence.More effective would be landing on the perimeter of the site or individual beds of marigolds, chrysanthemums or garlic - they smell deters pests.It should also be periodically loosen the aisle - it will help to destroy the larvae of mole crickets.

Some owners of plots before planting seedlings wizard for each individual plant protective structure from the mole crickets - cylinders made of foil, plastic bottles, pieces garden hose or stems of reeds.Others, responding to a question about how to deal with Medvedkov, recommend to fasten the stem seedling patches of thick fabric measuring 15 by 8 cm - so that part of it was in the ground, and some - on top.Medvedka can not starve plants such as tissue rot in the summer, without causing any harm.

Talking about how to deal with Medvedkov at the site, some gardeners say about the effectiveness of the old, time-tested means - for stomach wheat, corn, millet or barley mixed with sunflower oil and karbofosom or metaphos.However, this method - the most harmful, since the chemicals are in the soil, in addition, a poison bait may poultry.Therefore sensible to use to deal with Medvedkov, more secure means.In general, in order to get rid of this dangerous pest should be used several ways - so you can count on the long-term result.