The fight against wireworm on garden plots

Many gardeners grow potatoes on their plots.In order to gather a good harvest, they spend a lot of time and effort.All is fine, if the crop meets all your desires.And if the root damaged by wireworms, agree to clean a root becomes unpleasant and quite problematic.Therefore, the fight against wireworm becomes important task for most gardeners.

Who is this wireworms?For those who do not know, this is the larva of the beetle, wireworms.It is a small worm, which has an elongated solid yellow-brown body and three pairs of legs.

Well, now back to the main voprrsu: "How to deal with wireworm?"There are two ways to combat these pests - and the agricultural chemical.When using the first method, the soil required some preparation, for example, Bazudin which is able to destroy the larvae.A more gentle option - the use of ammonia water or nitrogen fertilizers that contain ammonium.The disadvantage of this method is that it is very difficult to apply in garden plots.It is necessary to make the solution so that th

e ammonia is not evaporated.Only in this case, wireworms leaves the site.Otherwise, your work will be in vain.

control wireworm agricultural practices more common.There are several such methods which may be used either individually or in combination.

  • digging area before the first frost.Wherein the pest is larvae at the surface and from the low-temperature die.

  • Careful removal of couch grass rhizomes.It is a favorite treat of the pest.When complete disappearance of this plant from a site wireworms go look for his favorite food, leaving your bed.

  • loosening the soil in late spring or early summer.The fight against wireworm this method not only leads to the destruction of the eggs of click beetles, but also help to destroy the germs of weeds.

  • Before sowing in the garden area needs to be done around the perimeter of the small holes in the ground where to put polupereprevshuyu grass.These places need to moisturize and close boards or film.Larvae sure to wander for food and warmth.A few days later the grass with beetles can be collected and burned.The fight against wireworm this method is quite time-consuming, however, and the result is high.

  • Liming the soil.The larvae of the beetle, wireworms are usually collected in an acidic environment.During the planting of potatoes make the soil lime, crushed egg shells or chalk.This not only destroys wireworms, and in some degree fertilize your land.

  • Ten days before planting potatoes at a distance of about 70 centimeters vyseyte barley.After a while, dig seedlings and plants, select larvae that have accumulated in the rhizomes.

  • Before planting, the hole must be prepared to water a weak solution of potassium permanganate, about 0.5 liters each.If potassium permanganate find problematic, prepare a solution of celandine.To do this, total 100 grams of grass and 10 liters of water.Such a solution should be done in advance, for liqueurs such funds will need 12 hours.A similar tool is made from nettles, which must be 500 grams.For the tincture of dandelions will need 200 grams of plant.

wireworms and the fight against it - one of the main topics of conversation and concern of any gardener.Therefore, for effective removal using several methods in a single growing season.The most important thing - to achieve the desired result.

It should be noted that in those areas where they grow beans, peas and other legumes, such larvae hardly observed.Therefore, it is desirable to introduce them into your list of planting.