An effective remedy for moles

Many housewives are asking themselves: "How to get rid of moles?".It's no secret that the mole can be found not only in the closet.It is furniture, grain, whole wheat, cabbage, and woolen carpet.Experts say that in all there are about thirty species of moths.If you have a desire to get rid of these pests forever, we must find their nest, and butterflies flying around the apartment, it turns out, are not harmful to our things.

sexually mature mole that lives in closets, can breed year round.This insect lives for about two years.It may be a long time without food, easy to tolerate a variety of temperature changes.Now imagine how much damage it will bring in this time.Mole can gnaw polyethylene and synthetic fabrics spoil the wool, felt, book covers, velvet, feathers, fur, and many other things in the closet.Before long-term storage of things need to be prepared.For the storage of fur coats using a dense cover of the paper, which put the termite drug.Winter clothing should be periodically removed and air

ed.Fur moles spread across the globe.The larvae of the moth can not tolerate fresh air and sunlight.If the mole started for the destruction of leather items, you will help to save them only a means of moth (eg dichlorvos).This drug is completely kills the larvae of moths.

Mole can be found not only in the closet, but in foods (flour, dried fruits, cereals).She loves moist and warm places, while it does not tolerate drafts.In order for your food eaten is not gluttonous insect, they should be stored in tightly closed containers or bags.Upon detection of the moth in cereals can be a bit dry in the oven at a temperature of about 70 degrees.The place where the insect has visited, you need a good wash with warm water and soap, and all cracks and joints rub acetate acid.To prevent the cabinet put a remedy for moles.In this case, you can use a bag of strawberry soap, lavender or orange peel, cloves.Mole can not stand the smell of some indoor plants (coleus, geraniums).There are also other folk remedies to combat this threat.For this purpose, we use essential oils of lavender and fir.Deterrent to moths is the smell of tobacco, oregano, mint and pepper.Of course it must be said that all herbal remedies are just beautiful repellents, ie deter these pests, but do not kill them.In those cases when your closet is already home to put moth sachets with lavender, tobacco, etc.useless.In this case, it is necessary to use chemicals.

for a 100% result is best to purchase a remedy for moles in stores.Modern drugs are available in the form of plates, sprays, sections and conventional tablets.Tablets and briquettes, which contain naphthalene, are the least expensive, they are mounted in the upper part of the cabinet and kill larvae and larvae of the heavy vapors.Such a process at high concentrations can harm and human health.Scientific studies have shown that naphthalene is a potent carcinogen that is, a tool that can cause cancer in humans.

modern means of moth - a plate, which have a pleasant smell and saves you from insects for six months ("Armol", "Combat" and others).Sections of the moth - the most common form of struggle against moths.In the market, you can select the section with the scent of chamomile, lavender, mandarin (eg "Raptor").Store section you need from food in places that are inaccessible to children.Since these repellents are composed of enough toxic substances.

The validity of such a drug is up to six months, but the manufacturer warns that the room area of ​​15 square meters can be used only one section.Do not get carried away just chemicals.To get started simply enough to handle the cases and prepare the food and other things into storage.