I wonder where fly bullfinches summer?

All people know that there is a bird settled, and there are migratory.The fact that some of them leave for the winter in warmer climes, we all know.But where fly bullfinches summer and generally fly there - know this is not all.That this is now going to find out.


Before figuring out where to fly bullfinches in the summer, is to determine how well this looks like a bird.Thus, the size of it is a bit more of a sparrow, feathers rather fluffy.Interesting seem that bright red breast is specific to males of these birds, the female breast is grayish-brown color.With regard to the environment, these birds live in the band coniferous and mixed forests, and the name "bullfinch" comes from the word "snow".

about life winter

What do these birds in the winter, the cold season?Thus, they live in small flocks on average by 7-10 individuals.The colder the street and more cold, the less mobile are these birds.They just sit on a branch, sometimes flying off to feed themselves.And so the whole day.W

ith the approach of darkness the birds are looking for a bush or hidden tree branches to sleep.As for the first half of the winter, the birds during this time, mostly by their nature are silent, they can be sometimes hear only softly "du du".When winter turns a half-line, the sun begins to shine brighter on bullfinches can hear a simple song.As we approach the warmth of spring and the birds are singing more and more loudly, and around mid-April, just disappear, and before the cold weather they are few who see, and not all guess where did they go.


Many people may be interested in the question of where to fly bullfinches summer and fly it at all.So, can someone feel that they are on the principle of migratory birds can be sent to colder regions.But this is not the case.Bullfinch by nature - a bird settled, and in the summer it is just hidden from human sight, hiding in the dense forests, thickets.However, it should be said that after all bullfinches fly away for the summer from the cities and settlements populated by people in more secluded places.They build their nests in the dense branches of deciduous trees, or on the highest branches of the trees where they are, no one can reach or see.In summer, watch these birds quite hard, because they skillfully hidden from human, practically posing.

Why winter bullfinches closer to the people?

sort out whether the fly bullfinches on summer in colder region, is also to say a few words about why these birds in winter are drawn to crowded places.It's simple: in search of food.Bird worse than not cold (because of the temperature, the average is 41-42 degrees), and hunger.The lack of food is bad for the body of birds, they will freeze and may even die healthy birds.At this time in the forest to find food very seriously, so arrive bullfinches where there are people and where something as old.The most difficult time for these birds, when daylight is the shortest - in December and January, and that's when you can see the first bullfinches on city streets.When food is no problem to find in the forest, the birds return to a more comfortable situation for them, leaving the crowded towns and cities.

Power birds

figure out where to fly bullfinches in the summer, it is also worth say a few words about what these birds feed on.Several conclusions can be made simply by looking at their beak.So, it is fairly massive and designed for different seeds and tearing of small nuts.However, not for catching bugs, worms.Also, these birds feed on buds of trees, various berries, eating them from the seeds and pulp is totally throwing.


answer questions about where to fly after winter bullfinches (only in the forest, while remaining in the same lane), it is worth saying a few words about whether these birds are kept in captivity.So, this is permitted, however, for bullfinch cage should be spacious and high, at the bottom of it should always be fresh sand and water.It is important to say that these birds love to swim, so that they must be provided and a small bath.With regard to food in captivity, it may be different berries and seeds, but other than that, it is also important to give and fresh herbs and grated carrot.As for the temperature, it is easy to guess that these birds like to cool, and hide from the heat.Therefore, the cell is best placed in a cool place, but where there is also the light of day, for birds it is very, very important.Bullfinches also can contain pairs or in groups, placing them birds and a few other species.


After all of the above, it may be a logical question: What are the benefits bullfinch?First of all, it is, of course, the pleasant sounds from his singing.But that's not all.Here, for example, attempts bird berries and sat on top of a branch to clean his beak.Several seeds rowan dust and fell to the ground, through time giving birth to a new sapling.And so on to infinity, because the bird eats quite frequently.