The health of your aquarium fertilizer for aquarium

Aquaria from an early age is my favorite hobby.I remember how I was presented with the first aquarium dart gupikami there - I was happy with all my heart.Strikingly, however, as they mature love for the aquarium has not disappeared, on the contrary, has become stronger.So here I want to discuss one of the highlights of the content of aquarium plants - means that fertilize the soil.The root fertilizing aquatic plants, in principle, a new trend in the present aquarium, although once aquarists like to do (at the amateur level, of course) like fertilizer fertilizer for aquarium.

If goods are sold with the prefix micro, therefore, there are also macro-complexes.Florastim Macro differs from the version previously mentioned the presence of macro, flora povodnoy necessary for sustainable development.

In order to use the full amount of trace elements necessary to also take potassium for aquatic plants.This component requires the young and adult plants.In the period of active growth and a large aquarium flor

a age needs to systematically recharge potassium.

Separately, you can recall the aquarium fertilizer with iron, the title of which is clear pillars.Due to the presence of divalent iron forms can improve the color development and vegetation.The iron complex represented today as tablets and liquids.Iron tablets Florastim I liked the ease of dosing.I bury one tablet near the root - and no need to worry about the health of expensive kinds.

you talked about the main types of fertilizer Florastim.You they will be sufficient to maintain the plants in good condition.It is important to note that their use does not harm fish and other inhabitants of the aquarium environment, on the other hand, allows you to get useful items.

Aquariums from an early age are my favorite hobby.I remember, when I put a small aquarium with guppies scurrying about it - I was happy with all my heart.Amazingly, gradually love aquariums not passed, even became stronger.But then I would like to discuss one of the main aspects of the content of underwater flora - funds that enrich the soil.Fertilizers in tablets innovation, even once attempted to create an (amateur way, of course) special fertilizers.

So, what aquarium plant fertilizer personally I would like to mention?I think I will devote its review of our goods manufacturer, he just recently enriched its range of fertilizers.Among the primary, I would mention micronutrient for the aquarium - a special fertilizer containing the desired set of trace elements in the form of chelates.If fertilizers are sold with the prefix micro, respectively, should be sold and macro fertilizers.Florastim Macro can be different from the previous version by the presence of macronutrients required by aquarium plants for healthy development.

Another note Florastim Iron aquarium, well, it traces a major impact.Due to the content of ferrous iron, it is possible to enhance color and development of plants.Fertilizers iron sold today in the form of liquids and tablets.Iron tablets Florastim convenient ease of dosing.Tablet buried at the root - and you can not worry about the state of expensive copies.

to cover the whole range of useful elements, it is necessary to purchase Florastim Potassium.This trace mineral is needed for adults and young plants.During the intensive development and a final maturity of underwater plants need fertilizing systematic potassium.

mention here about the main types of fertilizer Florastim.At first, these names will be sufficient to maintain the plants in good condition.It is important to emphasize - the use of fertilizer is not able to harm the inhabitants of the aquarium, on the other hand, it allows you to get more energy.