Winter troubles.

To feed birds in winter - a noble cause.After all, this fragile fluffy "clumps" with each passing year more and more difficult to survive the winter, not only because of climate variability, but also the deteriorating environmental conditions.Do it better with their children, which is similar to the experience will help to better understand the habits of the birds and their species, as well as teach a more careful attitude to the natural environment.If your child came home from school, ask about how to make a bird feeder with their hands - help him in this, especially since there is a very simple and quick methods of making "messes" for the birds that do not require much labor.

There are general rules that will help to make a good "right" feeder.Firstly, it should be roofed to snow fall and the moisture in the feed.Secondly, the aperture in the trough must be sufficiently large to medium-sized birds could get inside safely and smoothly as fly out.Thirdly, it is better to install the feeder firmly how

to tie it to a tree or to the edge of the balcony, so that it does not swing as only tit differ fearlessness and calm are able to penetrate into the swinging object, all the others will be afraid and stay hungry.

How to make a bird feeder with their hands.1 way

usual big bottle of plastic is quite suitable as a basis for the trough.For this purpose in the side wall of the bottle is cut an opening large enough at a distance of 7-8 cm from the bottom.On the opposite side around the neck and slightly lower is done by two small slits for attaching the rope to hang the bird feeder from a tree.The sharp edge cut a hole covered with a protective plastic tube or tape glued to the birds do not accidentally damage the foot.The threaded lace holes, which feeder is firmly tied to the trunk of a tree or a balcony lattice.That's all.Very simple and quick answer how to build a bird feeder.

How to make a bird feeder with their hands.Method 2

This is a more complex method of manufacturing a trough, but it will be very strong and durable.It will take 2 small sheet of plywood, four rails and 4 bar.

plywood bottom and runs trough the roof of the side rails skirting the perimeter of the bottom bars are mounted vertically at the four corners and are mounted sloping roof.Feeder is installed on the branch of a tree and firmly tied to the trunk.

size and design of such a "dining room" for birds may be different.Here it is appropriate to show imagination and come up with original finishes the trough so that it looked more interesting and beautiful.

How to make a bird feeder with their hands.3 Way

This is a very simple method of manufacturing a trough.For her, the bank will require a roomy glass, plastic cover for the banks and a thick wire or a clothesline.The plastic cover is done fairly large hole.Cover tightly put on the bank, and the bank itself is placed in a horizontal position on a sturdy branch, and is attached to a tree trunk with a rope or wire.

manufacturing option many bird feeders.Big desire, availability of time, materials and specific skills - good pods imagination and be creative with the children to build a true masterpiece, a fabulous house that will decorate the winter landscape.A variety of tips on how to make bird feeders, many can be found in books and on the Internet.As can be seen in the most common useful items and materials.The main thing that was comfortable feeding trough, liked birds, and your children will be happy to partake of the natural world and understand its mission in its salvation.