Wallpaper "Marburg" for painting - the main differences and peculiarities

Gone are the days when the shelves of specialty hardware stores were only paper wallpaper with a pattern.Today's range of finishing products has grown considerably.There were materials with unique properties, combining original appearance and practicality, such as wallpaper "Marburg" for painting.Undoubtedly, plain paper - it's cheap and environmentally safe.But her fragility and short life forced many consumers to choose more modern vinyl or non-woven cover.

companies producing finishing materials, a lot, and they are all vying with each other touted its product.Therefore, the buyer sometimes it seems that there is no fundamental difference who it is developed and produced the wallpaper for the walls."Marburg" - is the oldest German company that has a solid history behind.Professionals working in the firm, are in a constant search for innovative solutions to your home.And the company's cooperation with the renowned artist Ulf Moritz gives the product a refined and high-tech design.Master boldly exper

imenting with color, using incredible combinations of materials: metal, vinyl chips, glass.

creative nature can advise wallpaper "Marburg" for painting.They stand up to a few coats of paint, so you can not just change the shade of the walls.Non-woven fabric coated with a relief decoration on top of the foam vinyl absorbs the ink composition.This combination of materials - a kind of palette.With it you can create even a skilled imitation frescoes.The manufacturer took care of a wide range of catalogs curbs and ground wallpaper.They are produced either already painted or clean considering that they will decorate themselves.

What more benefit customers who have chosen wallpaper "Marburg"?By painting the walls is usually closely aligned.Texture pattern fabric is able to hide minor surface defects, so the number of cycles shpatlevanija can be minimized.The reinforcing properties of the nonwoven fabric on the walls holding back the emergence of microcracks generated in the process of "shrinkage" of the new house.

work with fleece is easier than with conventional finishing coatings.The adhesive is applied directly to the wall.No need to wait, when the fabric is impregnated with adhesive.Non-wetted mineral fiber ensure that moisture will not distorting paintable wallpaper."Marburg" is famous for the quality of its materials, but especially for picky buyers has launched a special "anti-vandal" series, which is not afraid of even the claws of pets.

Due to the special features, wallpaper "Marburg" for painting can be used in bathrooms and kitchens.It is important to correctly choose only the aqueous emulsion composition for finishing.It must possess a high moisture resistance and abrasion resistance.

In addition, products of the German manufacturer is absolutely safe for humans.Fleece is a non-combustible material.It is environmentally friendly, as evidenced by relevant certificates.