The landscape around us

Landscape - unchanging or changing nature?It seems that the world around us is living under other laws, the lives faster, then slower.Sometimes the place where we were born, we can learn a hundred years, and often returning to their homeland, people in old age remember for a long time, seemingly lost memories of childhood.Sometimes the landscape around us is changing so fast that we do not recognize it in a few months.Of course, this often does not occur without human intervention.However, the mood that evokes in us a particular plot of land with trees and a river, can not be so different, if we approach the types of nature only as to the phenomena of the material world.Perhaps in your mind there is wonderful, obscure vision, and you can not even say whether such a place actually.Sometimes, looking at the beautiful pictures, you do not believe that such places do exist.Perhaps this is the landscape of the imagination of the artist?Maybe the forest in a fog or a pink sky painted on it like mountains exi

st in another, parallel world?

Many childhood memories are full of vague magic that did not even remember until the end.That's a big swing, which is also called "Russian" - they can ride together.Around the quiet park, the ruins in the park, which are the proud title of "Count's house."Was this landscape is seen, or he invented the light and unbridled imagination of a child?But the atmosphere is warm and humid evening, golden pond covered with beautiful flowers - from memory as much detail ?!

a child if the child does not look at the landscape.It does not contemplate pulling the trees and the lake, he did not want to look out over the silence of nature.His soul is still completely harmonious, he is looking puzzles.He understands everything in nature, but little understood in the adult world, and strive to get.Children's memories of nature - as the instant beautiful photos, so solid and organic that are perceived in seconds and remain in the heart forever.

Remember your childhood.Today, you can help with this album, but because most of the memories are not captured in the photographs.The child's life is divided into winter, summer, autumn and spring.Each season he perceives as a huge amount of time.But you will find in the memory of any season - autumn, summer, spring.Of course, some seasons are particularly rich in beautiful memories.For example, in the memory of every child has a spring landscapes, with a babbling brook running down the blue snow, floating on the rough waters last year's leaves and branches-boat.

The camera is not only capable to capture family events and serve for the photo report on important events.It can do much more.With the camera you can see anew the world around them and save the amazing atmosphere every day unique, including the beautiful scenery around you.