Fairy wooden chest

Wooden chest many as a piece of furniture is associated primarily with tales.We conjure the hut in which - wide bench, a huge wooden table, close - a buffet, a spinning wheel, and certainly he chest that always would save the most valuable.Today we present that there are stored tales of days past.While this does not prevent the wooden chest used as a modern furniture.Mysteriously, it will give your home a special flavor and a slight tinge of antiquity.

antique wooden chests considered a reason brightest objects antique furniture.They were popular in ancient Egypt in the XIII century.This country was the birthplace, as it seems, this Russian peasant house interior items.Masters from Russia, going to work in Byzantium, gradually assimilated the European traditions by presenting their culture wooden chest.

Gradually he acquired his unique qualities, and took place in the house keeper life family.It contained a dowry, money, clothes, and various household trifles.In Russia, the fire was often happens.B

ut even in these situations, let the chest keep the family values, since it can be easily taken out of the burning hut handles.

In Russia have spread 2 types of chests, one of them with a convex hinged lid, and the second - with the flat.There were also small models that resemble boxes;large well designed for storing clothes, food.For strength, they okovyvalis strips of iron.It should also be noted that the family's wealth was measured by the number of trunks.

Not everyone knows that the box is a type of sac, chests, boxes, suitcases, desk, wardrobe and safe."Expand" the number of items, he turned into a modern wardrobe.In this way, now in many homes minimalism reigns - cabinets take up little space, the trunk - and even less.Thus, it is a wooden chest solved the problem of compact storage of different things.

It is associated with some profession, is always considered not related to furniture.Once upon a time there was a special - stacker clothes chests.So, one of them was a Frenchman, Louis Vuitton, unknown even worldwide.In this case, he was a real pro, as only Louis knew how to pack clothes so that later on it does not remain any creases.Of course, its popularity did not begin with this, but the trunk has a definite place in the life of the greatest designer.It was he who turned this thing into camp furniture - in his image were created travel bags and suitcases.

Chest wooden floor is made of a suitable material.More precisely - from an oak, but sometimes birch, although the furniture was made of peasants cheap wood.The best Russian forest was Vologda.Because it grows in the forests of larch trunks doing great, which never appeared mol.

They are not things of the past - today, designers often work on the interior space in the traditional Russian style.Accordingly, the chest is one of its main attributes.In such an interior natural - it is an unwritten rule, as all the furniture consists only of the natural natural materials.It also fit chest, cupboard, benches, a fireplace, decorated with carvings long table.The windows should hang linen curtains, the walls are decorated in wood, but the floor is better to use the board.It all creates an atmosphere that is far from boring all the big city.