Rare coins of the USSR

Rare Coins of the USSR

Many people, not only in our country, addicted to collecting.Some of them collect stamps, some of the icons, some medals, and I collect coins Soviet Union and modern Russia.This is a very interesting and exciting experience, during which you can learn along the way the great history of our great country.If you are interested in numismatics and collecting Soviet and Russian coins, I recommend you visit the site " Coins of the USSR and Russia ", where you will find a lot of useful information on various issues related to numismatics.

Collect all the coins you can, for example, only coins in circulation, or only jubilee and commemorative collector coins, which were issued specifically for numismatists and collectors, and only coins minted with errors or rare instances of coins.Some advanced numismatists set themselves a global task - to collect all of the above types of coins in one collection.At the gathering a collection may take decades, and in some cases several generations

.I now want to talk about rare coins USSR .

During the existence of the Soviet Union, more precisely, even for the period from 1921 to 1991.It was released a lot of different small change money.Among them periodically appeared rarities, ie rare coins USSR .The emergence of rarities due to different reasons.For example, the appearance of perhaps the most rare Soviet silver coins of 10, 15, 20 cents in 1931 due to the fact that this year was a transition to a new type of nickel coins.In connection with this transition, in 1931 silver coins of 10, 15 and 20 cents were produced in limited quantities.That is why the silver coins in 1931 are rarities and are now the order of 90-100 thousand. Rubles each.Especially in good condition.

In the history of money circulation in the USSR, there were other reasons for the appearance of rare coins.Suffice it to recall what state the economy is in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.Leningrad Mint (now the St. Petersburg Mint) in connection with the blockade was evacuated to Perm, and the majority of its workers had been mobilized into the army.However, despite the acute shortage of resources and personnel, Mint resumed production of coins in the 3rd quarter of 1942.Still, the lack of new technology, good metal and shortage of personnel affected the issue of coins.Some denominations of coins were minted at all, and two penny coins were issued in 1942 amounting to only 9 rubles.(450 pieces).These coins do not have anybody, they do not have any private or public collections.10 and 15 kopeck coins were issued in 1942, a very limited edition.So today, especially in good condition, they are very rare and are quite expensive.

You can also recall the history associated with coins of the sample in 1958, which also, by far, are a rarity, the price of which can reach up to 120 thousand. Rub.for instance.Coins in 1958 would be used to pay for goods in vending machines.But ultimately they were never put into circulation.Instead, it was decided to carry out currency reform in 1961, and as a model for the new coins were used drawings of coins in 1958.Although officially the coin 1958 in the sphere of circulation were not issued, some items still in it leaked and today they are rarities.

For more information about the prices of rare coins Soviet Union can be found on the page " Coin catalog USSR " my site.