The paint on the metal for outdoor use - reliable protection against corrosion for many years

perform painting is not limited to color inside the room, but also involves painting the outside, including if the painted surface - metal.In this case, we need special paint for metal for outdoor use.It is designed not only to give the facade of a building housing an attractive appearance, but also to protect it from corrosion, add the surface water repellency.In addition, the paint on metal for outdoor use may possess special characteristics such as improved temperature resistance or refractoriness.

What are the paint

In today's construction market of the paint are well represented.Each of them has its own specific properties and has its scope.Typically, for painting metal surfaces using the following colors:

  1. Oil paint on metal.Made on the basis of drying oil, it is often used as the primary means during the outdoor painting work.However, painted with oil paint surface is not well tolerate prolonged exposure to moisture, so now its use declined slightly.
  2. Acrylic paint.Quite often used duri
    ng painting operations.Application on any surface, it allows the surface to "breathe".However, acrylic paint for metal for exterior quickly lose its original appearance, especially at the end of the cold period, because "do not like" cold.
  3. alkyd paint.Withstand aggressive environmental influences, it has good traction with the painted surface, in addition, different characteristic stable gloss.However, when dealing with this paint safety precautions should be observed very carefully, because it is very toxic.

Preparation of the metal surface and painting

Before applying the paint, the metal surface should be pre-cleaned of dirt and grease, and most importantly - from rust.This can be done mechanically and chemically.If you use chemical rust removers, the painted surface after application should rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry.The exception is, perhaps, only the paint on metal "Hamerayt."In order to apply, not only does not necessarily primed surface and clean it from rust.In addition, it has a so-called hammer effect, i.e.after application of the product becomes similar to coining.

paint applied to the surface in one or in several layers.This can be done by brush, roller or spray gun using.Before using the paint should be mixed thoroughly.When recoating is necessary to thoroughly dry.Particular care is necessary to paint hard to reach areas, as well as the face.The consistency of the paint to be applied to such surfaces should be thicker, and it must be applied in the direction from the middle to the edges.

Before buying paint in any case it is necessary to carefully read the instruction, which is available on each bank, and decide to what surface it is applied.Keep in mind this simple rule: paint for metal for outdoor work can successfully be used indoors, but not vice versa.