Christmas tree with his hands from the tinsel.

to decorate the room for the holiday?You are looking for a simple, original and inexpensive options?For example, just made with his own hands from the tree tinsel.Read the tips, prepare materials and start the creative process.

How to make a Christmas tree tinsel from

from this affordable and also very decorative material make different versions of jewelry.The most popular subject is the object of a New Year tree.It makes it possible both flat contour to hang on the wall, a door or window, and the volume, which will decorate the festive table or office.The size is also selected different - from a few centimeters to a meter.It depends on the quantity of material and the task.

Christmas tree tinsel of their own hands is both monochrome and multicolor.For this purpose, the corresponding colors garland.It looks good options when the tips of the "needles" made silver tinsel in the mostly green or blue tones.This has the effect of frost or snow on the Christmas tree.

Decoration for vertical surfaces

here considered the most common and easiest way to create a New Year's decor.Christmas tree on the wall of tinsel can be made by the following methods:

  1. Attach garland in the shape of an isosceles triangle.Downstairs in the form of a rectangle perform Barrel, and set on the top of a star.
  2. Please do everything in the first case, but then fill the triangle horizontal stripes tinsel tree defining tiers.
  3. Contour creates the same, but fill tinsel on a diagonal, going from the top to the bottom of the guide.
  4. contour component tree of several triangles.Desirably, the bottom was large, and the upper small.The rest will be of intermediate size.
  5. make a decoration for the previous version, but each tier performing bottom arc or a wave.

choice of method depends on the area of ​​the surface to be decorated and the amount of glare that you intend to spend on creating a Christmas tree.Attach the material can be adhesive tape, pins, staples, Melt.The choice is determined by what kind of surface you are decorating, and easy to be removed after a holiday decoration.

Tinsel and fine decor

other considered options for a tree are three-dimensional, that is designed to hang them or put.Matter what size you choose a souvenir, get a toy, or a full-fledged member garland Christmas decoration premises.

Christmas tree with his hands from the tinsel is usually done on the basis of a paper frame.It is made independently, twisting leaf in the shape of a cone and prokleivaya joint.If you do not have time or desire to do such a framework, we can take a ready, use, for example, colored paper celebratory cap.Another option - frameless translucent tracery souvenir, which will be discussed below.

So you have to make or buy a cone.Then do the following:

  1. better to paint it the color of tinsel that did not need to have very tight it is based on.
  2. After drying, tinting, begin attaching the spiral tinsel from the bottom to the top.Spread it evenly, gradually sticking to the base.
  3. When this stage you have completed the process, the product decorate with beads, ribbons, balloons, and any other elements.

get the original effect can be varying degrees of combining tinsel "fluffy" or different colors.You can distribute the cone bases of the two "threads" of tinsel or before you start to twist them into a single.

Christmas tree made of tinsel and candy

nice decoration for festive interior, souvenirs and a great gift to get if you make a tree sweet, that is positioned between the tinsel candy.The options may be two:

  1. Sweets simply hung on the tree as toys.
  2. candy wrapper matched the same color and make additional, or even the main Christmas tree decorations.

The second method is the most original and interesting from a design point of view.Christmas tree made of tinsel and candy runs on the same technology as described in the previous section.The difference in the following:

  1. After preparing the carcass on a first glue candy base.They can be placed rings, a spiral, the direction of rays diverging from the top downwards, a pattern or randomly.Do not be afraid to experiment.Try to combine not only the different shapes and colors of candy wrappers, and dimensions.
  2. When the candy took their places on the surface of the cone, it's time to stick tinsel.Distribute it evenly in the free spaces.If the pre-cone was painted in the color of tinsel, it can be used in a minimal amount to give the tree a souvenir and decorative natural appearance.

Generally, it is possible to make a product completely out some candy.Tinsel can not only beautify the object, but use fewer sweets.

combination of cones and tinsel

use of natural materials, especially cones, for the manufacture of a Christmas tree enough popular.To do this you need a souvenir of the same technology as in the case of chocolates.Cones can be placed close to each other, creating a solid surface and a tinsel to decorate the top, distributing it in a spiral.Another option - back when bumps are used as decoration on the cone of tinsel.You can choose any of the methods.This tree-hack perfectly decorate a festive table or be an original gift.

openwork souvenir from thread and tinsel

Very unusual look translucent lace design, made of yarn.Usually this makes the balls or lamps.This idea is also suitable for the Christmas tree.
job is as follows:

  1. on the frame in the shape of a cone wound thread soaked in PVA glue (also suitable cream, Vaseline).
  2. After drying, the foundation must be carefully removed.
  3. resulting object decorate a little thin tinsel.

This tree-hack decorate the Christmas table can be used as a toy, souvenir, gift, or even a lamp shade for a small lamp holiday.

So, you have learned how to make a Christmas tree with their hands from the tinsel.Flat decorations can decorate the wall, door, window and volume on a table or nightstand.Choose and implement any idea.Create a festive atmosphere in your home quickly and easily.