Artbuk what?

If you want to develop your creativity, artistic taste and simply spend free time to good use, try to create artbook.What artbook?Graphic albums (from the English. Artbook) is a collection of images, illustrations and photographs, gathered under the cover of the album.Most often, the content is integrated common theme.As an image can be represented by the work of one artist or work of the same genre.

artbuk: what a graphic album?

Under artbuk understand books by and exemplified by the author himself.In addition, there are fanzines - small-circulation periodicals issued adherents certain direction fiction, music and so on.

Very often our memory is stored in the form of photographs in old albums or hidden behind mundane everyday occupations, but quite another thing - artbook.Photos and images, clippings from magazines and own illustrations in it are scattered through the pages in completely different ways.And there are always close to until the next bright notes will not end.All that is lost in

our memories and escapes every day, will be stored in the artbook as notes, drawings, or any other gizmos, stuck on an adhesive tape or glue.

Ideas for creating graphical album

artbuk are quite different in terms of subject matter and materials used.If you decide to create your own artbook, ideas can be quite different, and there are no hard and fast rules.This is a great feature artbook - it can make even a man who can not quite draw.After all, it is possible to paste photos or beautiful clippings from magazines and newspapers, even the labels, and menus of your favorite restaurants.

As for the subject matter, there can be no no restrictions.It can be a book about your life, where you can display past, present, future and elusive.Artbuk may even consist of a set of drawings that we do, talking on the phone or listening to boring lectures at the university.

album may reflect the happiest moments of the trip.Then he will be filled with tickets, sketches and, of course, bright pictures.

Another option - to make artbook with his hands in the form of a book of desires, which can be displayed all your dreams.It's kind of an alternative to the board desires, which helps visualize the most intimate and desirable things.

One of the art-therapy, which has recently become very popular, is to create a graphic albums with the aim of self-examination.While creating artbuk man not only expresses its creative nature, but also increases self-esteem, gives himself to overcome installation difficulties.

Work on artbuk

To make your graphic album should first decide on its base, which can be daily, bound book, album, notebook.In other words - everything you tell your imagination.

As already mentioned, usually the page artbook together a common theme - it could be an album about the journey, a personal diary, rendered desire wedding fantasies and more.But if there is a specific topic, it is not a problem - you can do assembly artbook.The ideas are quite different.The album may include drawings, sketches and phrases that made a special impression.In the process of creating such artbuk man receives not only a lot of fun, but also throws his creative energy.

How to fill an album?

When you have decided on the theme and content of the album, it's time to do the most interesting - its content.You can paste an interesting magazine clippings and simple pictures, pencil, markers and paints, collect memorabilia, add all the sketches and small notes.It is often used to create an artbook collage technique.Let's examine how to create different artbook.

artbuk Attractions: What is a collage?

Under collage understand a work of art created by sticking on the basis of materials and articles which differ in texture and color.Initially, a collage - a combination of images that arise in the mind, not just a bunch of pretty pictures.The finished image can be to finish ink, watercolor and other materials.

few tips for creating beautiful artbook

Though it was noted that the process of creating artbuk there are no rules, yet some features worth noting.This is especially true of those who are far from the art and for the first time took up the brush and pencils, to learn to do artbook.What is a beautiful graphic album and what to look for when you create it?

Rule one: rich but unobtrusive background.Rich - I mean in one of its parts is not like the other.Let only a semitone or poldetalki, but still different.Unobtrusive background - is one which does not interrupt the main subject.

easiest way to create background - watercolor painting on a wet piece of paper.To do this, take a dense sheet, spread it with a brush or sponge with pure water and then colorize different colors.After contact with the water color will be blurred in the quaint spot.

If the background is still turned out quite intrusive, you need to take the white paint, dilute it with water and put in several layers on the substrate, ensuring the necessary degree of pallor.Then you have the main subject stand out and get a beautiful artbook.What is the key object?This is an element that attracts attention.That it contains the main idea, which reflects the artbook.This can be an image, a text or a figure.It is important that any viewer immediately realized that this object is the key.

The easiest way to select an object - to find in a magazine or online favorite image, cut it out and stick to the substrate.A free space can be filled with paint.

Another rule of good graphic albums - secondary elements do not have to interrupt a key object, but to be brighter than the background.These can be images, text, leaves, pieces, shells, photographs.In general, all that is worthy of your attention and relates to the theme of the album.

Artbook - a flight of fancy, a collection of images and important elements, united by a common idea.Creating an album, you can easily do everything that pleases: to combine different materials and techniques crafts, throw out the fantasy in the form of intricate imagery and unexpected solutions, to experiment.And remember that you should not live in the past.Learn how to turn the pages, because life is full of ups and new falls.The main thing - how you feel about them.