What is the scale?

We all know what is the scale.This ratio is linear in the size of conventional graphical representation of the true values ​​of the imaged object.That is the observance of certain proportions while applying any drawing or image editing photos.

What is the scale, and why is it needed

Such a method of transmitting an image is used in absolutely everything from maps and drawings and ending with the usual photos.Yes, that's just not always possible to reproduce the desired image in full size.In this case, and comes to the aid of the scale.Thanks to him, the image can be reduced or increased, while respecting the necessary proportions, which are indicated in the figures.What is the scale we already know, so let's talk about two of his views.

zoom scale

This type is used in the case where the image in full size is much smaller than in the drawings.In this case, in a box indicates the proportion of the image (2: 1, 8: 1, 16: 1, 150: 1, and so on).Proportions should be understood as follows: the

right figure indicates that the entire drawing should be divided into centimeters (e.g., 1 cm), and the left - the number of times the object is reduced by 1 centimeter drawing images.That is, if we have a notation of 2: 1, it means that 1 centimeter line drawing object falls 0.5 centimeters.

scale reduction

This type is used in the event that the object you want to represent significantly more than the size of the drawing.In a special column proportions we indicate how many times greater than the object image (for example, 1: 2, 1: 250, 1: 1000 and so on).The left digit indicates how many centimeters you need to share a drawing (for example, 1 centimeter), and the right - how many units of measurement falls on 1 centimeter.For example, we have a map showing the scale of 1: 2000000 cm, which means that 1 centimeter card account 2000000 centimeters area (or 20,000 meters, or 20 kilometers per 1 centimeter).

How to scale photos

Very easy to deal with the preparation of maps or drawings, but that's what the scale of the pictures is quite difficult to understand.Such images have different measurement parameters, namely the resolution, which depends on the number of pixels located in the image.Scaling photos, you need to pay attention to the number of pixels, for significantly increasing the size of the photo with a small number of pixels, we deteriorate the quality and vice versa.There are various programs that can be used to carry out these operations, the image quality becomes worse.Their operating principle is based on increasing the number of pixels in a particular photograph, thereby increasing the resolution, i.e. the size of the reproduced image.Such programs can be found in specialty stores or downloaded from the Internet, but it is best to buy licensed wheels, and not to download pirated copies of which can degrade the performance of your computer and make it impossible to process the photos on it.