Scrapbooking: where to start and how to learn?

Handmade photo albums, greeting cards and other little things - all scrapbooking.Where to begin to engage in this type of needlework?You will need a variety of materials and own fantasy in bulk.Even if at first you do something will not "stick", that is no reason to abandon a new hobby.Try again, and you need all turn out.

digital scrapbooking or paper?

Not everyone knows that in this type of needlework crafts are not only made of paper, cardboard and decorative elements.Photos, decorated in electronic editors, colorful frames and entire photo books ready for publication - is also scrapbooking.Where to start his career?With digital processing of images, or creating real tangible masterpieces?It is a matter of taste, some wizard successfully combine both directions.The benefits of digital scrapbooking are obvious - it is primarily the minimum cost of materials.All you need is a computer program.However, many users editors for working with images seem too difficult.In fact, enough to practice more, and

eventually you will intuitively learn all available functions.In order to start working with real materials, special skills are not required, because we are all still in the preparatory school lessons learned to cut and paste.

scrapbooking paper: where to start?

You do not get if you do not advance to prepare the necessary materials and tools.In large cities, easy to find special shops with goods for this type of work.They can buy different kinds of cardboard paper background, templates and blank for manufacturing applications.But do not worry if you can not find such a shop.Photo Album can be made out of ordinary cardboard pasted over paper gift wrapping and various household trifles.In many centers, crafts lessons scrapbooking for beginners is held using the materials at hand.The course will multicolored pieces of fabric, buttons, beads, ribbons.Do not forget about the selection of instruments and accessories.You will need a double sided tape, universal glue, and scissors of different sizes.Later, you can buy stamps and punches.Scissors are not only direct, but figured, but at first many different not worth buying.

Where to get inspiration?

If you are just starting to do this technique, it is not necessary immediately to undertake large-scale work.Do not forget that one photo frame and decorative cards - this is also scrapbooking.Where to start - immediately clear.Try to make a small gift envelope or card.If you prefer the design of pictures, make a card with a photo or complete your picture in a frame.Watch out for the combination of colors and textures, and remember moderation.Do not try to use the same composition as many decorations.The scrapbooking main thing - not the number of elements, but how they look together harmoniously.Do not be afraid to use non-standard decorations.Individual elements can be even vyvyazat using hook or weave beads.If this work seems too time consuming, use the finished braid and lace, this does not prohibit scrapbooking for beginners.Album decorated with ribbons or fringe factory production sometimes looks more interesting than the product with ornaments made by hand.