What is the stool for the bedroom and how to choose the right

Bench bedroom - is not only element of interior room, but rather a functional piece of furniture.This stool can be a real highlight of your bedroom, emphasizing elegance the whole apartment.Today furniture industry produces a variety of types of data elements of the interior: there are soft, forged options with wood or steel legs and so on.In this article you will learn what is important stool for the bedroom, where it is best to set and how to choose the right.

design features

Bancettes Puffs bedroom are usually small couch (as if from the back, then a real mini-sofa), which can be designed for one, two or more people.Also, there are options that are in shape more like a bench or chair.For such furniture will be convenient to put a bathrobe, towel, or just sit and relax after a long day.

Bench bedroom where her place?

Many experts recommend installing this type of furniture near the bed, or rather, at its foot.As for the padded stools, it should be placed near the female boudoir or any table.

Criteria for selecting the right design stools

As described above, this furniture can be equipped with an extra back support.Normally, stool with backrest takes more space, not only visually.So if you have a small room, it is better to choose the kits without backs, sacrificing comfort.Do you need boxes?With this question faced by many who make purchases banquettes.At the moment there are so many different models with or without drawer.If the product will be used exclusively for the beauty of the interior, the presence of niches it is not necessary.If you use daily banquette storage or just like to clean house, the drawers in your model should be mandatory.

Color Picker

This characteristic is one of the most important selection criteria, because of the well-chosen color will depend on the extent to which harmoniously fit your stool in the bedroom.So, let's look at a few options.

The first method is based on the color matching shades of the rest of the furniture, which is present in the room.Thus, stool for the bedroom will have the same color as the sofa, carpet and wallpaper.

following method is more original and suitable only for those people who are not afraid to experiment.Its peculiarity lies in the combination of colors.This means that, for example, the stool will be performed in the same tone curtains and sofa and chairs - in the other.

unique combination of colors (bright accent).It is the most extraordinary and perhaps the most dangerous way to select color furniture.The thing is that in this case the design of benches is not combined with any shade of any other furniture and even the flooring, and is a separate piece.There is a risk of selection inharmonious colors or patterns, so be careful and consider all the details, including the style and shape of the rest of the furniture.