Save the happiest moments in life, or how to make an album with his own hands for a newborn

newborn baby is growing very rapidly.Literally every day you notice any changes in his appearance, behavior and development.During the first year of a child grows and changes very much.So Mom and Dad are trying to capture in photographs the most interesting moments.And it has become a tradition to store images of the first year of life a little man in a separate little album.This item must be very beautiful, original and, of course, unique.Meet these requirements can only album for the newborn, with his own hands made with love.Interesting ideas and advice to implement it, we will provide you.


Baby albums for babies all the time "to go": parents with their browsing baby show family and friends, fill up all the time with new photos.It is expected that this item will be kept for years, and maybe even be passed on from generation to generation.Thus, thinking over the way in which to perform on the album cover for the newborn with their hands, consider the fact that it must be solid and durable.

Usually it is made of cardboard.If that is you do not, you can glue a few sheets of plain stationery cardboard together.Next you need to decorate the cover.You can use wrapping paper with bright children's prints, stickers, funny pictures from books or just beautiful wallpaper.In the center of the cover photograph of the child glue.Name the album can be called the baby or one of the following options: "A Little Princess," "Our little man", "Our children-candy."It's just a hint, but you can come up with its original name.The hands can be (and very necessary!) Laminate cover with wide adhesive tape.This thing will protect against contamination and extend its life.As additional decorative elements can be used lace, ribbons, rhinestones, fabric appliqué.


For registration pages Pick up heavy paper or cardboard.The sheets can be made of different colors, decorating applications, labels, labels.Fastening images can be performed using PVA adhesive or a pre-made parts.Do not use the silicate glue, it turns yellow with time and spoils the appearance of images.Each page can be framed thematically.For example, an album for newborn boy can include pages, decorate boats, airplanes, cartoon characters (gnomes, Dunno, Pinocchio).For the little princesses and theme of the album should be appropriate to the image of Cinderella, Malvina, Thumbelina with flowers.


carrying out an album for the newborn with their hands, consider a reliable method of connecting pages.There will be a lot, so the product will surround.Mounting can be done in the following way:

  1. Assign all sheets tape, pre-piercing them punch.
  2. Insert spring.It can be purchased in the store goods for needlework, or to withdraw from an old notebook.To do this you need to perform a pre-mounting on all sheets holes.
  3. Connect pages rings.They can also be removed from the folder-faylonakopitelya.

How and what to place in the album?

preferred when all photos in the album and recording are placed in chronological order.Therefore, on the first page can be glued a strip of a pregnancy test, followed by fetal ultrasound photos.The next few pages can accommodate birochki from the hospital, the pictures the first minutes of life.Well, then go to the page dedicated to each month of life.Do not forget to take place where there will be sections: "I grow" (chart height and weight), "Day of the Baptism," "first trip", "My first tooth," etc.In addition to posting photos, record achievements kid pasted prints hands and feet, the first drawings, even if it will be the usual "Karakulko."And, of course, cook a few pages, which will be decorated with photos and information about the celebration of 1 year old.

an album for the newborn, with his own hands made, will be a good memory for you and your child for years to come.The creation of such products - occupation is very exciting.In the future, as growth check crumbs, you can do other theme albums such as "Kindergarten", "Rest on the Sea," "First time in first class", etc.Beautiful pictures you and original albums!