Mastering the technique of "scrapbooking": an album for a newborn

If a woman is in a pleasant anticipation, and her favorite type of needlework is the technique of scrapbooking album for newborns, or more precisely, his creation, is the perfect embodiment of how to spend the last weeks before the long-awaited meeting with benefit and pleasure.

Development ideas

Needless to say, made in the technique of scrapbooking album for a newborn can save all the most important moments in the life of a baby for at least the first year.But to watch all the most important, should be taken to the content of the diary memory carefully.

help in this difficult matter will special benefits to parents as much information about the development of the baby.And because the number of pages before planning and design should carefully study them and to make an indicative list of significant events in the life of toddler.In addition, it is necessary to take into account the time of year with their special dates and events or just pleasant moments spent with the loved ones.

When the content of the forthcoming album is defined, you can start the design.Ideal option, in which the floor of the newborn is known.In this case, you can consider separately scrapbooking album for newborn boy with his true masculine blue tone, all kinds of balls, toy cars and designers.Or use a universal admission, according to which every event is shown with a sign element.For example, a page with a photo of the extract to decorate the baby stork.

If you are planning to create an album for newborns, scrapbooking masters recommend to resort to the decor in the form of dolls, flowers and dresses.Preference is given, of course, pink and shades.

When parents are in the dark about the sex of their baby, then come to the aid neutral yellow, green, beige tones with universal patterns in the form of bears, bottles, funny children's garments and so on. D.

Create album

idea is framed, then you can create an album.And therefore it should not be reserved only album pages, but also scissors, paints, brushes, glue.In addition, the asset if it is provided the design, you must have chosen themes stickers, ribbons to match the base color of the album, buttons, shaped punches.

His strength is to try the simplest form - the album in the form of a notebook.What you need: multi-colored cardboard, scissors, a regular hole punch, thin satin ribbon and a stencil.The latter can be done independently.It's enough to put on a white cardboard children's body contour and cut.Then have finished using a stencil to transfer pattern on the colored cardboard and execute blank pages.Their number depends on the willingness of future moms.

Then on the right shoulder of each body should be using a hole punch to make a hole 1, which extends through the tape, fastening sheets of notebook together.Here's a simple scrapbooking album for newborn we have.

Those who possess this technology to a higher level, may try to make a more complex version.

first step is to cut out of construction paper blank pages.Their size depends on the idea that underlies the album.That's only necessary to remember that the very essence of this album is to capture the most important events in the life of the crumbs, so sheets should not be too much.

So, proceed to the decoration of each page.Design options - a great many, but, all the leaves should be made in the same style.For example, you can tint the edge of each page using acrylic paints and sponges.Or skip on one side of a repeating print.After that, each page is removed by a single event, decorating it accordingly.

artwork for this album can be made on the same principle as that of the page.Cut corrugated cardboard blanks 2 to 0.5 cm wider sheets with content and arrange them according to your taste.

Then all the pages and cover are collected together and fixed with "springs".

As you can see, nothing complicated to make scrapbooking album for a newborn, no.Be creative, create and have positive emotions!