Iris-folding - aerobatics scrapbooking techniques

Anyone who is interested in applications of paper, sooner or later, become familiar with the technique of iris-folding, folding or rainbow.

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Despite the fact that the iris-folding - as one of the areas of scrapbooking - appeared in the Netherlands, the name of his native English.And in the translation from the language of Shakespeare - a folding screen lens.This in turn explains why the paper strip folded in a specific way.However, the best of everything in order.

iris-folding - this is a special kind of needlework, which with the help of templates, and paper strips or ribbons create postcards, sheets of photo albums and even the whole picture.And everything you need handy people - a paper template, cardboard, scissors and glue.

It is worth noting that the original performance for crafts masters in this technique was used only the wrong side of the envelopes.Now the choice of types of basic material for postcards and paintings is especially great.In fact, you can use and new

spapers and colored paper, and the pages of fashion magazines, and even use the packaging for gifts.And to create pastel paintings needlewoman successfully use satin ribbons.

as a basis for applications using cardboard.It may be a simple office or a specialized art.In addition, we need scissors, paper cutters, glue, double sided tape.This means that the entire set of tools for scrapbooking has been successfully applied in the iris-folding .

templates, along with paper, are a central element of this type of application.They can make your own or purchase specialty store.If needlewoman prefer to develop their own template, it usually prints the circuit and then with a ruler and pencil marks the exact location of the strips of the future picture.

Technique Iris-folding

To understand how an application in the style of scrapbooking, it is enough to try to perform a simple postcard in this technique.

What you need: strip of decorative paper, cardboard for the base of a postcard template, scissors, adhesive tape.

same creative process is as follows:

The cardboard cut out a hole with the exact outline of the template.

Then the inside of the workpiece under the top card is attached with masking tape on the template.Then begin to impose on it in strict accordance with the pattern paper tape.The ends of each strip are mounted on cardboard using scotch tape.Yes, on the inside of the resulting picture will look quite casually, but at the end of the work front side will not cause reproach.

As used in this example, the central square template remains open.In its place you can put a photo or a fabric flower on a velvet basis.The very same wrong side close second sheet of cardboard, the parameters slightly higher than the first.

As can be seen, presented technique application is so simple that it can work, and preschoolers.And the result, with the proper display of fantasy delight elegance.