Nikon D5100 - dedicated to fans

If you are going to buy a SLR camera mid-range, and you offer to try out the fastest, easiest, or the device with the largest screen viewfinder, the outstanding quality of the proposed sample at least you can test and evaluate objectively.And what to do if the camera is average in all respects, for something a little better than the competition, something a little worse, but for the amount of consumer qualities it is almost complete analog of existing devices on the market?Evaluation in this case will always bear the mark of subjectivity, some characterize as a good camera and found a worthy investment of money thing, others may begin to transfer existing or perceived shortcomings, and finally put the camera "unsatisfactory".Let's try to deal with all the innovation in the middle segment of the company Nikon - Nikon d5100 camera, which replaced the outdated d5000.

main features of this camera sounds promising: sixteen megapixels, ISO value to 6400, viewfinder display with 3-inch, take pictures in vi

deo quality up to 1080p.The design also changed, the camera will become rounded and slightly decreased in linear dimensions.The new video SLR used Expeed 2 (d5100 used in the first Expeed).

At Camera Nikon d5100, reviews about it, by the way, has already appeared on the network, it can be stated that a full "gentleman's set" of features that exist in all cells the average amateur level.Including 7 preset shooting modes.Focusing is performed by eleven points, it is possible to single-frame, and focus tracking.During continuous shooting Nikon d5100 is capable of making up to 4 frames per second.He has two dust removal system, the flash is built into the body, there are USB ports and HDMI, external microphone input, paste in the viewfinder diopter.Display pivotally turn adds to the convenience when shooting photos and videos.

And reading reviews of cameras, Nikon d5100, you can often find the opinion that this camera is very conveniently fits in the hand, its buttons are very well thought out and get any no trouble with one hand.Also, many note a fairly low weight of the SLR - 565 grams (without lens), rubber coating body and long life from one set of batteries.

But shortcomings in the present apparatus, the white balance at the Nikon d5100 in the machine behaves sometimes, to put it mildly, weird, taking a picture in the yellowness, the cyanosis.Well, it is rare.I am glad that notable problem except this is no other was not revealed.

standard kit lens AF-S 18-55 with a plastic mount and optical stabilizer is surprisingly very good.Unlike most competitors, for which the standard lens - this is just a small and short step that the user is encouraged to quickly "to step" buying more expensive models, the manufacturer is not left unattended 18-55.Sharpen your baby at a decent level, in macro mode if the photos are not excellent - it has definitely not "slop."

And for those who have not stinted on the purchase for your Nikon d5100 70-300 mm lens will be a pleasant surprise focusing speed and a significant increase in the maximum range to take pictures.The speed and accuracy of the built-in auto-focus lens actuator affects, for example, you can easily take pictures of a low-flying plane.Stabilization is also on a high level, and there are two modes, active and normal, stars from heaven, the stabilizer is not enough, but it helps sometimes very noticeable.

If the job you do not like automatic, manual focus ring, you can correct it.I would also like to mention a very high quality standard and the cover and a telephoto lens, they are very well kept and easily removed.