Reduce the size of pictures

long gone are the days when the ordinary worker was enough to have 4 photos, in order to feel at ease.Nowadays, things have changed.Rather, just changed the conditions of life, it has become more intense in terms of information.Attractive photo capable necessary for the avatar on social networks, e-resume for a personal photo album, and so on.In short, the need for professional photo turned out to be more apparent.Fortunately, the development encourages that today's everyman there are 2 ways to get a photo of high level.One of them - to buy an expensive machine and go through the lessons of photography, the second - to buy a budget phone and peruse Adobe Photoshop.As can be seen, the second method is financially easier.Among the most popular image editors require a special mention of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.The possibility of such editors are very high - from the ordinary to increase the photograph to complex functions, for example correction of a photograph.As mentioned above, the use of such ed

itors has the possibility to require any home situation.For example, you will need to urgently reduce the size of photos to place it in your account profile in the social network.Just open the program and to find a suitable option.In general, the process of reducing the size of the photograph to last only a few seconds.
Just have before my eyes editing for correcting photos.Most fashion editors can easily replace expensive equipment.Imagine, if you like the photo with the effect of the shift of the optical axis.The main idea of ​​this effect - focus on a specific area of ​​the shooting with a decrease in the sharpness of the surrounding background.Thus, a visibility of small objects.Lenses for such photography is expensive, but it is possible to do without them by using the tilt shift photo correction.You can use many of the familiar program Adobe Photoshop, without having to purchase expensive hardware.Similarly, retouching faces can be carried out in such a program.Retouching - it's an easy way to clean photo editor that is adjusted all the disadvantages, and remain natural features.Initially, correction of facial looks like a simple thing, but to achieve a good outcome need to practice, or at least a couple of lessons.The most important tools in the utlity retouching are: stamp, Gaussian Blur, Healing Brush.
editors to correct photos easy by the fact that working with them does not need to have special education rather learn a few relevant online lessons.Quite often the treatment program is necessary in the application situation of cheap equipment.Typically, 90% of the time when shooting in the dark chamber of the budget can be seen unpleasant red eye.Remove this effect is made difficult not only by using the appropriately named menu of any of the popular editors.Such a tool has only two parameters: the value of pupil size and darkening.Through graphic editors can remove red-eye.