Select trimmer nose

We live in an age of high technology, but for many of us the problem of unwanted hair on the body is still relevant.This is especially true nose hair.Almost everyone knows that they are a kind of barrier, through which our body is protected against the ingress of dust and microorganisms.But long hair sticking out of the nose, do not attach any appeal to women or men.The times when men do not pay attention to their appearance, went into the distant past, and today a modern representative of the strong half of humanity is obliged to look at 100%.The real magic wand that can solve many problems, is a trimmer nose.Reviews are very positive about the device.It is this instrument this article.

How does the device?

Initially trimmer nose and ear meant exclusively for men.Later in sale special women trimmers.The principal difference in these devices, but here the operation modes and sizes vary.

How does the trimmer

In appearance trimmer nose similar to a hair clipper, only smaller.Special nozzle cone

rounded fits onto the base unit.Further, it should be carefully and enter the shallow nose and slightly rotate.Unwanted hairs clipped.Likewise removes excess hair from the ears.

Specifications Main unit

part of any trimmer - a blade.For their manufacturing titanium or stainless steel.Blades can be titanium plating or coating nanosilver enhancing their antiseptic properties.

have multifunctional trimmer there are a few tips: line intended for cutting brow, and rotor - to care for ear nose and shells.Some models are equipped with two-sided nozzles, which are needed for the care of the beard and mustache and shaving heads for a precise and detailed haircut.

trimmer can operate on AC power or conventional batteries.Professional devices equipped with charge indicator, a comfortable rubber grip and a good battery, so for a long time can work independently.

trimmer nose can be either an independent unit, or more showerheads.

Independent unit - a model of the type of road, running on batteries.They have only one mode of operation, and their relatively low cost.This trimmer nose hair has one nozzle.

Trimmer as a separate attachment is an optional accessory epilator.Such a model should be chosen with great care.Important in the device - a safety and security, so it is better to give preference to models of well-known brands with multiple operating modes.Typically, the kit includes multiple nozzles designed for different lengths of hairs.Very convenient model with curved blades, they can easily reach any corner of the area to be treated.

How to choose a trimmer nose?

  1. As the feedback from customers is much more convenient to use devices that do not have a standard power cord.The complete set of such models include charger and the battery lasts for 40 minutes.
  2. professional quality trimmer can not be cheap.Always choose a brand with a good reputation, and purchases are made only in specialized shops, where the instrument will be accompanied by a guarantee.
  3. If your plans take it with you on vacation, choose a seller using a model that has a function to adapt to different voltage range.
  4. If you are in the first place hygiene and cleanliness, note the model of vacuum.During operation, all sostrizhennye hair soaked in a special sealed container, and the pinna is completely clean.
  5. Use the trimmer you will often, so it should be as convenient as possible.Hold the instrument in the hands of the selected note on the nozzle size and location of the buttons - all this is very important details.
  6. models whose blades are made of stainless steel, have a longer lifetime.Included with the trimmer have to go brush for cleaning the blades.Also discuss with the consultant the opportunity to purchase replacement blades, because after a while they are still dull, and they have to change.
  7. very important revolutions, the levels of vibration and noise of the instrument.At high vibration decreases the accuracy of the device that the trimmer is very important.


trimmer nose - a fairly simple device for removing unwanted hair, but when you use it you need to follow some rules, for example, do not use it when cold.In general, it is absolutely safe device.