Bolting in

The primary indicators of our civilization are: water, air, gas and hydraulic.Despite its ugly shape, this complex multi-component systems.People working in technical areas, know how meaningful small elements that are used for docking two parts - union nut, coupling or fitting.Without these parts would not be possible or the creation of units, no cars, no conducting communications systems in the house.

nuts have a simple design

most simple in design and construction of a nut, which is produced with the help of the axial and radial mounting.So what is the union nut and the deserved their celebrity?The main function of the coupling nut - connection is performed by winding, soldering or sealing.This ring or a hollow rod with rolled thread in the inner cavity and the outer portion may be of different types, but they all have faces for gripping tool.


All kinds of nuts are manufactured strictly according to state standards, it has worked out all the aspect ratio, provided material and wor

kmanship.These products fully meet all requirements for testing, and strength characteristics meet the purpose.Modern union nuts are very functional: used for the manufacture of new materials, giving new forms apply alloying elements in alloys.There are already nuts with a protective function that can be used at a very critical parts or systems.

Union nut can have two kinds of surface: a cylindrical shape with a perforated or smooth surface and petal.The most common and well-known form - the hexagon.

As a connecting element, union nut is exposed to stress, which can cause distortion, displacement, leading to the destruction of the system.To reduce this factor, the length of the cap nut can be equal to a maximum of 1.5-2.5 its diameter.Coupling nuts for soldering have a smooth extension of smaller diameter, which is attached to the main body.

little about technology

Despite the simple geometric forms made of nuts - a complex process, which is divided into several stages, and includes a set of mechanical and thermal effects.The material or alloy from which made union nut complements the design possibilities, with properties such as corrosion resistance, softness, hardness, resistance to aggressive media, resistance to temperature extremes, as well as the thresholds of cold brittleness and brittleness.Such variety of properties may be achieved by using different grades of steel and alloys which, in turn, require different temperature and processing conditions.Steel for the production of nuts: stainless, alloy, carbon.Alloys on which the nuts are made with special properties, - copper, brass, bronze, titanium, alyumiiniya.


Due to its properties knurled nut is convenient when connecting to remote and stationary parts.Used for joining thin-walled parts and can withstand pressures from 0.9 to 18 bar.For assembly and disassembly of the instrument should be a minimum - just key the appropriate number.All kinds of nuts have a long lifetime, most of them - resistance to corrosion.