Sawmill of the chainsaw.

Wood - this is probably the most common building material to date.Long gone are the days when the process of construction of the house was carried out using the most primitive tools.Who is to carry out this kind of work using new technologies and the most modern equipment, including a sawmill, through which the wood is processed to the required size.Unfortunately, this tool is not available to ordinary Russians, because it costs hundreds of thousands of rubles.However, out of this situation it is - construction of makeshift sawmill.As it happens, we find out in our today's article.

Why do sawmill of chainsaws?

general chainsaw - this unique device, because based on it can be done almost any instrument, ranging from homemade lawn mowers and ending with snowmobiles.In our case, the use of this device allows you to construct the desired item almost without engaging any extra parts and assemblies.Judge for yourself - the engine, we already have, and with the fuel tank, the frame is also present, and ev

en the chain remains in working order.None of the above, we change and we will not be converted.The only thing we need to do is a metal canopy that will be attached to the body of the saw.The approximate construction of such a device you can see in the following photo.

As you can see, from the homemade sawmill chainsaw virtually indistinguishable from the real blade.That is, the cost and effort required to perform this operation are minimal.This is all the advantage of using this tool as a sawmill.

How to sawmill of chainsaws?

to create such a device, you must have two sill size 150 ... 180 x 8000 mm (height and length, respectively).In addition, the work you need a few corners 50 x 100 mm and two rails.Latest need to turn the sole upwards.When creating a basis for saws, drill a few holes in it at 14-18 millimeters each.The interval between them should be about 1-1.2 meters.

also in the tie you need.They can be made from a conventional water pipe length of 250 millimeters.As the coupling elements bolts must be used instead of welding.Rack made of rectangles, which are then fixed base sawmill.By the way, the production base is unacceptable to use the deformed elements.All items must be strictly flat shape.With regard to the distance between the posts, they should be placed before the end of the base at intervals of 80-100 centimeters.Additionally, you can weld the struts between them to design seemed more solid.

What to do next?

In the next step of the chain saw sawmill staffed mobile trolley.At its foundation will steel plate size 600 x 50 millimeters.To her bottom should weld metal area of ​​40 x 40 millimeters.Then you need to put a cart on the bearings or rollers.To the upper part and weld two corners.The latter attaches itself chainsaw.

At the final stage the design for fixing logs.What do I need to do?Here you need a metal tube with a diameter of 35-40 mm.Also during the work necessary to apply a movable hose which is placed, followed by fixing at the desired height.Thus the height must not exceed the length of the tube.So, our homemade sawmill successfully made their own hands.It is safe to start its operation and process the wood virtually any diameter.

How to make chainsaw sawmill?Method number 2

give another method of manufacturing the sawmill at home.In principle, the option to create a cutting device is not much different from the previous one - and drawing tools for working are the same as in the first case.However, the technology for manufacturing the sawmill will be more refined.How is a chainsaw sawmill from his hands in such a case?In the drawing, you will need to specify the 4 main elements.It saw her drive mechanism by which regulates the thickness of the resulting board, as well as an element that allows to move the saw part of the design.You must also specify the layout of the device for fixing the timber.

How do drink and drive it?

There is nothing complicated.As is made from sawmill saws, all of these elements, including the motor, we will be ready.So all you have to do, so it's serviceable saw with cutting teeth and a working engine, which, in principle, and is present in the design of the instrument.

now about how to make the mechanism for adjusting the thickness of the board.Himself sawing logs on the sawmill going by lowering or raising the base of the device, which is held by 4 screws or bolts welded to the plate, in which the bent edge.At the top of the base is located locknut.She tightened after only from sawmill chainsaw is configured.Adjusted to an appropriate thickness of the processed logs.

How do next sawmill chainsaw from their hands?Saw part of the tool must be moved along the guide rails along the corners of the frame.At the same time between the data elements of the distance to be maintained at 50-55 cm.Each rack welded roller 2, the top of which rests on the guide area and the bottom of the sawmill keeps lifting.If there is no possibility to use castors, bearings can be applied by 20 millimeters.

device locking logs on the sawmill

Wood at this instrument is fixed with two combs, one of which is moved by a screw, and the other remains stationary.After setting the logs first movable member is fixed in a stationary state by means of several screws.After installation, the locking device is sufficient to start the sawmill operation and process the first wooden piece.

And finally ...

note some rules homemade sawmill operation:

  1. Occasionally lubricate the chain and sharpening tools, as it is on these factors depends on the quality and speed of work you do.
  2. Before fixing the logs or boards, make sure that it does not present any foreign metal objects (nails, screws, etc.) except those that are nailed down for fixing the device on wood.The teeth, trapped on the surface of these parts suddenly become dull, and it is possible that such a chain will be subject only to replacement.
  3. In no case does not remove the product from the sawmill before switch off the engine.Otherwise, injury to the operator and breaking devices are inevitable.