Design garden: yes how?

For a long time their own country site is not associated with hard work associated with the planting of plants and care for them.Now the cottage is the object of a family holiday and a nice pastime.On the way to that, to make it attractive place for relaxation, there is a set of tasks.And the first one - is the acquisition of land.And at the next stage, it is important to do such a thing as a design problem.

Very well, if the site is located within walking distance from the cottage settlements, in this situation it will be easier to provide themselves with all the necessary communications.So you can not only build their cozy cottage, but also to create a design in the country, which will satisfy all your needs.

First, we should consider the issues of zoning, which will allow much more efficient to equip your site.Usually, summer residences - is quite small plots of land, so it is important to identify the main areas that it was the most functional.You can see each of them.

Design garden: parking

usually settling place for the car close to the house, as this allows you to quickly get in and bring food and other purchases if necessary.Parking can be indoor or outdoor, it all depends on your needs and abilities.

garden design: a place to land

Another important area is the one on which you will give your own taste by placing a variety of plants.Here you can not only conceive beautiful flower beds, but also to grow useful plants: fruits and vegetables.Normally territory plants emit the house, but it should be placed so that most of the day in the shade.

If the design cottages for you requires a body of water, then it is also necessary to allocate a special place, as close to him want to sit and relax.Best of all, if it is shaded area, surrounded by a few trees.Not far from this reservoir can be placed gazebo.Villa will look really great, if it will be organized by the pond.

Design garden with his own hands: the plants available for planting

If we consider the various options for the decor, it is possible to note the presence of a large variety of plants.Coniferous trees and shrubs make it possible to create a unique design that will allow your eyes a rest from the urban landscape.Using dwarf arborvitae is a very interesting solution, since it is not a traditional one.Build on the territory of the lawn - it is also a very simple matter.It is more difficult to choose the colors that are able to grow more than a year, well transferring insufficient moisture.In this area, leading roses and peonies, which not only look great, wonderful bloom, but also very unpretentious to the conditions of the habitat.

As you can see, in matters of design to give no special difficulties, since its formation can rely not only on your taste, but also on the recommendations of experts and amateurs in the field.And if something like it, you can always redo it.