Design 1 bedroom apartment - a few helpful tips

If the design 1 bedroom apartment well-thought out, it will be the true pinnacle of craftsmanship of who created it.After all, the minimum area necessary to accommodate an office, bedroom and dining room, that you will agree, is no easy task.

is believed that comfortable life for a person can be provided only in the apartment, which consists of at least three rooms, allowing each room to carry out their purely, strictly specified function.However, the actual housing conditions do not always coincide with the concept.Increasingly, citizens come to the idea to buy a house a modest size.For people living alone, as well as for young families without children still preferred to live in a studio apartment.

most popular design 1 room apartment - room studio, when between the kitchen and the living room wall is removed, which allows you to combine space.The division into zones, in this case most often done with the help of the bar, which serves a decorative and functional element of the interior.Rest zone

can be separated by a variety of sliding doors, which can be decorated with braided or woven inserts.Use these inserts of stained glass is also quite interesting option.If the design

1 room apartment with partitions for some reason does not fit, you can use the combined finishes of floors, which will visually distinguish between areas having a different purpose.For these purposes the perfect flooring, ceramic tile, carpet and other types of coatings.In addition, the necessary emphasis can be placed through the use of multi-level ceilings, which will be mounted halogen lamps.

Interior Design 1 bedroom apartment involves the use of a minimalist approach to the selection of furniture.For example, there would be difficult to accommodate a few tables, having different purpose, a similar situation and with a choice of bed as a bed for sleeping and a sofa to relax just take all the available space, giving the impression of Pile.It is better to give preference to a beautiful sofa, which features a folding mechanism that turns it into a fully functional bed.Well, if it will have a stand for clothes while saving space will be even more significant.

Before starting repair 1 room apartment and create a unique design, you must ensure that you can tear down the walls without compromising the building.Sometimes they act as carriers so their demolition can lead to negative consequences for the entire structure.If no such radical measures will not do, it is best to place the wall to install a special column that will take on the role of load-bearing structures.In this case, design 1 room apartments can be made in a classic or Greek style, which is quite an interesting option, which will give the room an elegant and refined charm.