These different kitchen tables for a small kitchen

At the present time, many of us live in small apartments with small kitchens.And in every progressive family probably have food processors, microwaves, stoves and other household appliances.But how and where to put it all compact?Moreover, the placement of the main subjects on the interior, designed for cooking and its reception, highlighted very little space.

We are all so eager to become the owner of a comfortable kitchen equipped in a modern style.Of course, not all ideas can be implemented, but be sure to try.For a start, it is necessary to choose the kitchen table for a small kitchen.It's one of the main objects of the interior, which was going to all the family members, relatives and friends.Let's define what are the kitchen table for a small kitchen, and how best to place them to the room was comfortable and functional.

Folding kitchen tables for small kitchens.They can be attached to the wall and, if necessary, easily decomposed / shape.This option is ideal for a small family.

Folding kitchen tables for a small kitchen.They consist of several parts, and resemble a table-book.At any time, you can raise the movable segments and increase the area.

table-sill.This option is likely suitable for single people who can enjoy breakfast while admiring the view from the window opening.

Compact table against the wall.Very reminiscent of a broad shelf or kind of the bar, which is attached at the desired height.For this table will also be very convenient to cook, becauseIt can be positioned on the table top shelf for kitchen utensils.To him we can choose chairs that easily will hide under the table.

Kitchen tables for a small kitchen can also be built in wardrobes and have their complement.This table can be a continuation of countertop or extendable part of the headset.

compact bar.This option is most often chooses the current generation.After all, it can be placed not only in the kitchen but also in the living room.

dispenser box with a wide sill.It can be placed on the wall of the common kitchen and living area.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the kitchen table for a small kitchen preferable to choose light colors.They visually increase the space and will give a feeling of warmth and coziness.Discard the massive dark furniture that will clutter the space.When planning the placement of furniture in the kitchen, note that the back of people sitting at the table should be at least 40 cm of free space.This is to ensure that they were comfortable to sit down and stand up.If you decide to place a dining table in the middle of the kitchen, you should pay attention to the shape of the tabletop.

Prefer a round table with graceful legs, because this version will not be sharp edges.

If you can not expand the kitchen by redevelopment - do not despair!Be a little imagination and then, even the tiny kitchen can be comfortable and functional accommodations.