Comfortable and stylish bed-podium

Is turn the language called primitive bedroom holiday destination?And what a pleasure to lie a little longer in the morning in a comfortable bed in the evening to read a book before going to sleep, to dream, or simply let go, and finally from all the cares of the day?How many pleasant hours we spend here, it is not surprising that there is a desire to give the bedroom a unique and stylish look.If you can not put in a standard room, bed, and really want to have a spacious and comfortable "rookery", the installation of the podium will solve several problems at once.

bed-podium with drawers can replace wardrobe, and quite spacious wardrobe.Inside the section, and enough space for clothes, and bedding.The surface of the podium can be used as a nightstand or small table.Now fans have breakfast in bed do not need to worry about where to place a cup of coffee and a tray of scones.

Another plus, which can boast of a bed-podium - is the ability to visually change the geometry of the room.For example, long r

oom, which is seen by many as a pencil case, a slightly shortened due to the division into tiers.In a square room looks interesting circular elevation.

height of the bed-podium quite different: it varies according to individual needs.For interiors Asian-style recommend setting a low base, which looks elegant and unusual.The standard is considered to be the podium in 25 or 30 centimeters in height.For elevations over 50 centimeters will have to do additional steps, it makes it easier to climb on the bed.Finished model in stores not so much, usually similar designs made to order.The designer, developing a project plan takes into account the features of your bedroom.

There is no interior, which would not fit the bed-podium.Photos showcase this amazing ability to be in harmony with any style.High-tech, pop art, oriental, classical - changing only the details, the design remains unchanged.

It is clear that the cost of these beds is much effort on the family purse.So many are trying to do on their own.Sure, not disadvantaged creative talents and skills can easily make a man needed basis, and by applying a little more power to cope with the assembly and drawers.

By building a bed-podium, stocks of materials: solid timbers of wood, sheets of plywood, chipboard, plates, which will be used to trim frame.Do not do without reliable fasteners and tools.The framework consists of a rack elevation (vertical bars fixed) and horizontal ties representing the boards laid crosswise and lengthwise.The design is kept by the metal parts.Top frame sheathe sheets of plywood.Separately collected boxes.They are equipped with rollers allowing a free rolling out section of the niches.Then decorate the bed-podium.There are many options: cover stain, paint, paneling chipboard-colored tiles or carpet.

Having decided on a radical change of image bedrooms, many have no idea how they managed without a podium, which is proving to be much more comfortable familiar bed.